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Synonyms for burgeon

Synonyms for burgeon

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grow and flourish

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Los Angeles County residents should pressure government and industry to invest in source reduction and increased diversion rates as a means of solving Los Angeles' burgeoning solid waste problem.
Drawing on the recent materialist studies by Wayne, Douglas Bruster, and Jean-Christophe Agnew, Martin posits that the moral critiques of dramatists like Middleton and Jonson developed an introspective, skeptical dimension that attuned them to the destabilizing forces of the burgeoning urban economy.
Not coincidently Omron has some new products out to take advantage of the burgeoning trend.
But the main reason for the financial crises is the burgeoning increase in cases taken on because of new child welfare regulations.
KDDI is out to get its share of the burgeoning market for cellphone handsets offering video.
Americans for National Parks (ANP), a new advocacy coalition of nonprofit, government and business organizations dedicated to securing needed park funding, says that "while Congress has regularly increased funding, the budget of the National Park Service (NPS) has failed to keep pace with burgeoning pressures from increased visitation, over development, motorized use, and air and water pollution.
The burgeoning rediscovery of Mel Bochner's early work--for the moment overshadowing all he's done over the past three decades--continues apace with guest curator Scott Rothkopf's survey of the artist's 1966-69 photographs and related drawings at Harvard University's Arthur M.
We, as medical managers and leaders, continue to face burgeoning, indeed pioneering, concepts in the process of delivering health care.
WHILE THE BURGEONING SERVICE FROM BRAZIL'S RECENTLY liberalized telecom industry is taking headlines, the fervor for more privatization and deregulation seems to be quietly waning.
Even then his awareness of the burgeoning Civil Rights Movement informed his decisions.
While information systems was a burgeoning market, high-tech companies were still considered risky businesses.
But there is little awareness yet of the burgeoning electricity superhighway, a sprawling network of power lines that links most Americans to hundreds of electricity producers.
3 Burgeoning Power Demand and Soaring Fossil Fuel Prices to Stimulate Nuclear Power Growth in ME&A despite Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
We see significant growth opportunities in Hawaii and the Pacific islands by more fully integrating the operation into our global platform, and we are particularly looking forward to aligning the local hospitality specialists with our burgeoning worldwide hotel practice.
We are known for comfort foods in a warm setting with great service," says McDonagh of the burgeoning bistro, which was renovated in spring 2005.