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Synonyms for burgeon

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Synonyms for burgeon

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grow and flourish

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'This is a time for stability after three years of upheaval and I'll be concentrating on maintaining our burgeoning reputation.I look forward to working with the successful candidate in the future, to continue taking the business from strength to strength.'
I do agree with some of his comments that America should not take too much public credit for the burgeoning democracies in the Middle East.
With that newsletter, McMurry is taking a number of steps to organize the burgeoning medium of custom publishing.
"The glassmaking industry was burgeoning in Venice at the time,' says Barbara Berrie, a conservation scientist at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.
For those of us who learned the basics of music by mastering the building blocks of so-called Western music--diatonic scales, triads, five-line staves and so on--the burgeoning interest in global music presents both a wonderful world of mysteries to explore and a challenge.
Data storage has a long and wonderful history filled with tremendous innovations that have kept up with and enabled the burgeoning information age.
NEW COMPANIES and fresh technologies are stirring in the soil of Japan's burgeoning economic recovery, and we are proud to present in these pages two of the most promising: livedoor and Sozon.
Rather than ask for help or extra credit assignments, he puts his burgeoning intellect to use in another, more nefarious way, hacking his way into the district's network and changing his grade.
While corporate and government segments are the most obvious markets for the device, Think CP also believes there is a burgeoning market for the product in many different segments including healthcare, insurance, accounting/finance, legal, and any instance where users maintain confidential information or IP rights.
Emerge 7560 has an MFR of 22 and is tailored for the burgeoning flat-panel and large-screen market, where long flow paths are required.
Powell's essays focus on his stint at Vibe magazine, his admitted misogyny, and his disillusionment with the burgeoning face of hip hop.
Martin attempts to situate the city comedy of Jonson and Middleton within a philosophical economy characterized by the nascent skepticism of an England experiencing the decentering power of the Reformation and a burgeoning capitalism.
Not coincidently Omron has some new products out to take advantage of the burgeoning trend.
"But the main reason for the financial crises is the burgeoning increase in cases taken on because of new child welfare regulations.
Americans for National Parks (ANP), a new advocacy coalition of nonprofit, government and business organizations dedicated to securing needed park funding, says that "while Congress has regularly increased funding, the budget of the National Park Service (NPS) has failed to keep pace with burgeoning pressures from increased visitation, over development, motorized use, and air and water pollution."