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Synonyms for burg

a large and important town

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colloquial American term for a town

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Frye and Burg enjoy meeting new people wherever we take them.
And as he continues to justify terrorists who kill, in 2015 Burg proclaimed that "Zionism is Over.
Available in purple and black, the BURG 12 is a phone that can be paired with all iOS and Android devices, so you don't have to worry about which phone model you're using now (or in the future) since BURG works with them all.
Burg explained himself; he is only capable of presenting the Israeli view on the situation.
Burg makes many smart points in his book, but I would like to focus on what I take to be his central arguments.
Burg in his remarkable new book, "The Holocaust Is Over: We Must Arise from Its Ashes", argues that Israelis and Jewish people in general have made a fetish of the Holocaust, with lamentable consequences.
December 15: Christmas Party from 14:30-17:00 at the Burg
BUrg (right, with the Wimbledon mens' singles trophy) was the David Beckham of his era - all talent, good looks and no personality - but had none of the financial acumen to go with his genius.
John Burg assumes responsibilities as CEO of the larger ACI (www.
Burg says: "There are almost no voices being heard from the Israeli centre that are saying let's try to talk peace anyway.
Barb Burg, a Bantam spokeswoman, wouldn't disclose how much he'll be paid.
Also like Ruggie, Burg is what I like to call a "national security liberal," a person who sees the American national interest linked to promoting a particular kind of world order first outlined by Woodrow Wilson, one where democratic governments unite institutionally to promote openness in international trade and investment and cooperation for security.
As the new president of International China, Gene Burg has several plans to improve the company's product mix.
Scientists do have a few clues about what makes a protein thermophilic, says Bertus Van den Burg of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.
Under vice president and general manager Lee Burg, Apothecon tripled its sales between 1989 and last year to an estimated $300 million.