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measuring instrument consisting of a graduated glass tube with a tap at the bottom

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The titrator automatically recognizes and configures new burettes and dosing units as well as other peripherals such as sample changers, pumps, printers, and computers.
The instrument is comprised of a frequency inverter drive unit for precise torque measurement, a high-precision measuring mixer with special blades, a high-precision burette and 32 bit software for Windows 98, ME, XP and 2000.
Information stored includes: Burette part number and *** serial number; Burette cylinder serial number and volume; Titrant currently in the burette e.g.
The 775 offers push-button control down to a 0.001ml resolution and with an accuracy ten times better than any grade A burette. The speed of titration addition may be controlled for even the most demanding application.
The TitraLab 960 and 965 monoburette or biburette potentiometric titration workstations are able to communicate with their detachable burette stands via wireless RFID technology.
ISE measurements are simple and reliable as reagent and standard additions can be automated using the integrated high-precision burette. A typical application could be pH, conductivity and fluoride, chloride or nitrate in water, where each parameter is measured in turn with automatic addition of the ISAB before the ISE measurement.
In addition, plug & play for burettes, sensors and accessories facilitates their use.