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measuring instrument consisting of a graduated glass tube with a tap at the bottom

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The titrator automatically recognizes and configures new burettes and dosing units as well as other peripherals such as sample changers, pumps, printers, and computers.
3] (titrant) in the burette was recorded on the laboratory data sheet.
The instrument is comprised of a frequency inverter drive unit for precise torque measurement, a high-precision measuring mixer with special blades, a high-precision burette and 32 bit software for Windows 98, ME, XP and 2000.
All the information about the titrant is stored on a micro chip which is discreety hidden on the burette base plate.
Tenders invited for Supply of digital electronic burette & macro pipette controller
BrandTech has released a 10 mL size of BRAND Titrette bottletop burette.
Titration is used in virtually every laboratory in the country, however when using manual glass burettes users are often deterred due to having to handle reagents and unfamiliar burette manipulation.
The BRAND Titrette bottletop burette provides titration within ASTM and ISO error limits for Class A glass burettes.
A) Glassware : Burette Stand (With Clamp) 2) Chainometric Balance 3) Stalagmometer (Borosil Make) 4 Viscometer (Borosil Make) 5 Specific gravity bottle (Borosil Make) 6 Volumetric Flask (100 ml) (BOROSIL) 7 Ordinary Pipette (10ml), Bulb (BOROSIL) 8 Graduated Pipette (10 ml) (BOROSIL) 9 Weight Box 10 Platinum Wire 11 Reagent Bottle (250 ml) (BOROSIL) 12 Burette, 50 ml (BOROSIL) 13 Test tube (for performing pH experiment), 5/5/8 (BOROSIL) 14 Funnel, 4 (BOROSIL) 15 Blow pipe 16 Wash bottle 17 Filtration flask with Buchner funnel along with glass suction 18 Ordinary filter paper 11 cm Glass rod 19 Dropper along with tip
Suited for in the lab and field, the burette eliminates the use of power cords and sample transport.
Contract notice: Supply, installation and commissioning of ph meter and burette for laboratory in the research and commercial part of the center of power engineering - kc-zp.
Multiple burette sizes provide users with an instrument that is always ready for multiple applications without time consuming retro-fitting.
The TitraLab 960 and 965 monoburette or biburette potentiometric titration workstations are able to communicate with their detachable burette stands via wireless RFID technology.
ISE measurements are simple and reliable as reagent and standard additions can be automated using the integrated high-precision burette.
This, along with precision burette calibrations, provides accurate volumetric dispensing.