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measuring instrument consisting of a graduated glass tube with a tap at the bottom

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The rub-out of a weighed amount of pigment is made on a glass plate or marble slab as linseed oil is slowly dripped from a dropping bottle or buret.
In accordance with this contemporary usage, anyone who tried seriously to address the massive problems of poverty and unemployment endemic in France was a "socialist," and the term was applied to such influential figures as Sismondi, Ledru-Rollin, Proudhon, Eugene Buret, and Constantin Pecqueur.
With: Disiz La Peste, Blandine Bury, Vincent Elbaz, Edouard Montoute, Beatrice Dalle, Lea Drucker; Simon Abkarian, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Firmine Richard, Alex Descas, Khalid Maadour, Tony Mpoudja, Simon Buret, Youssef Diawara, All Karamoko, Adrien Saint-Jore, Khalid Maadour.
The buret design allows automatic reagent exchange quickly and efficiently.
The unit comes with an integrated magnetic stirrer, and a buret tip ensures precise titration.