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nonelective government officials

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Despite the overall good relationship between the Party and the people, Xi reminded party members of mounting hazards they face, namely laxity, mediocrity, distancing themselves from the people and corruption, which can be concluded as "four forms of decadence": formalism, bureaucratism, hedonism and extravagance.
To attract more FDI, the author concludes, Africa needs comprehensive social reform and reduction of bureaucratism.
Not every essay deals with Jewish issues, but in "Why I would prefer not to be a Jew--and if I must, then rather not in Germany," Broder excoriates the German mentality of bureaucratism which masks a more latent antisemitism, in his opinion, and the failure of the Jewish community's leadership to oppose it.
In particular, the Three-Anti campaign in 1951 to combat corruption, waste, and bureaucratism, and the Five-Anti campaign in 1952 against bribery, tax evasion, fraud, theft of government property, and leakage of state economic secrets gave rise to a nationwide attack against all the churches.
One area of growth has been in Quango-land, `` he said, ``We have got to keep our eye on bureaucratism in Wales, we are a country that loves a committee.
The meta-historical wrangling Moses discusses is usually between ideological intentionalists, who foreground prior anti-Semitism as the crucial factor in the Holocaust, and the structural-functionalists, who wish to reflexively implicate the bureaucratism and technocratic mindset of western modernity in their accounts.
The doors of the state have been closed off by rings of secret police and a state-elite mentality representing a melange of tribalism, bureaucratism and the Mafia.
Classification of offences, which sounds like a typically mind-numbing bureaucratism, is based upon a fairly simply idea.
Today, antistatist discourse is fed by the discrediting of state activity characterized by the authoritarian and discretionary exercise of power, favoritism, bureaucratism, clientelism, inefficiency, and corruption.
He applauded the Cultural Revolution's assault on bureaucratism, but noted his profound skepticism about the stories of old friends - intellectuals and scientists - happily going off to the countryside to plant rice and slop pigs.
The fifth chapter charts the history of the Communist Party's International Labor Defense (ILD), positing its shift from interwar radicalism to wartime bureaucratism via its efforts on behalf of the Scottsboro boys--nine black teenagers accused of raping a white woman in Alabama in the early 1930's.
As the PM himself opined, Indian science is riddled with bureaucratism, favouritism and a " know it all" attitude.
According to Hessler, these cycles of crisis and recovery inculcated in both the state and consumers habits that eventually developed into a Soviet "exchange culture," based on, among other things, bureaucratism, solicitude for urban consumers, especially Muscovites, a neglect of the rural market, and a tolerance among citizens for breaking the law in the interests of survival.
64) To effect the requisite learning, Uzbekistan's legal and financial environment for foreign and domestic investors in manufacturing must be improved, especially by restoring convertibility and reducing bureaucratism in approving new projects.
He urged congress delegates to engage with the government to " liberate Indian science from the shackles and deadweight of bureaucratism and in- house favouritism".