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needlessly time-consuming procedure


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It also decreases the need for time-consuming, mind-numbing bureaucratic procedures, so many of which are aimed at ensuring that activities such as contract awards and personnel hiring are handled fairly (and so many of which are easily circumvented, as evinced by the countless news stories on the cronyism that guides much of the District of Columbia's awarding of contracts and hiring of school administrators).
The Committee called on the Government in Tbilisi to improve the business climate, to promote foreign investment by reducing bureaucratic procedure and legislation to enable private ownership of land, property and equity; increased transparency in the economy, and the support of SMEs and financial services to encourage a fully-functioning social market economy.
Soon after the crash, in which 157 people perished, the Foreign Affairs ministry committed to support all the families of the 32 Kenyans who lost their lives, by providing counselling services and acting as the link government agency in the attendant bureaucratic procedures.
Minister Chidiac said that the complex bureaucratic procedures and the traditional methods adopted in public administrative work have become exhausting and tenuous to citizens and institutions during the completion of administrative procedures.
5 million tons of stocked wheat.According to sources, the food department had forwarded a summary to the Sindh chief minister (CM) for his approval to export 150,000 tons of wheat however, the summary became a victim of lengthy bureaucratic procedures that resulted in a delay while more than 200,000 tons of wheat will be issued tothechakisin the province.
The restructuring is designed to empower the authority to simplify bureaucratic procedures, tighten supervision and pin point responsibilities.
A possible solution to this issue is giving special status to the cities of Kagan, Chartak and Yangiyul in order to avoid unnecessary bureaucratic procedures and to start work on the pilot project as soon as possible.
Instead of further lowering tariffs, NEDA said the committee agreed on the lowering of several non-tariff barriers essentially by lessening the number of bureaucratic procedures and easing restrictions on the importation volume of agricultural products.
He added that the GST also had too many bureaucratic procedures and processes, all of which were too complicated to understand.
With the help of Taiwan friends and colleagues Lam had prepared the necessary documents to register the bookstore's name, open a Taiwan bank account, and other bureaucratic procedures, however after being intimidated Lam canceled the applications.
Most individuals could not waste a day or two going to ECP offices and following their bureaucratic procedures. The ECP could learn from other countries where such a change can be made on a cell phone or the internet.
According to Bloomberg, the Irish central bank has said that Irish-UK trade could shrink by almost 10 percent because of extra bureaucratic procedures demanded by Brexit.
Other recommendations include reducing bureaucratic procedures and having the Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning Ministry properly co-ordinate all construction.
The continued incarceration of a citizen of Kenya, in the guise of obedience to bureaucratic procedures, is unconstitutional, immoral and dictatorial.