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It moves like a suspense novel, with useful but never ponderous chunks of scientific background and history scattered among the accounts of scientific breakthroughs, bureaucratic wars, horrible accidents, and personal travails.
But despite an array of far more elaborate crosstabulations and other statistical tables than any others in the volume, his measurements of "crime" deal only with the number of various offenses reported in each bureaucratic reporting district, figures that say virtually nothing about the individual characteristics of offenders, let alone the operations of the justice system.
The bill of particulars against the UN is simple: It wastes a lot of money supplying an easy life for bureaucratic parasites, and it accomplishes little to nothing of value.
The results of the exterior decorators' work can now be seen all over the world, and they have proved as reductive and generative of anomie as the bureaucratic Modernism they sought to replace.
Partisan politicians might find joy in the apparent death of bureaucratic reform in Sacramento, but for Californians who pay for and rely on poor state services, it's no cause for celebration.
After three decades of old-fashioned bargaining for better pay and working conditions, Chase and his counterparts in the smaller American Federation of Teachers (AFT) have earned a reputation as the bureaucratic "blob" that is weighing down our public schools.
The building was not achieved without bureaucratic battles with the somewhat conservative ministry officials in Vienna.
Canada) analyzes how bureaucratic staff at the Ontario Human Rights Commission Inquiry processed submitted complaints over the course of 2001-2002 in order to understand how conflicts over cultural and legal definitions of human rights play themselves out through multiple interactions of the Canadian human rights process.
We've come to the conclusion that we should not utilize our limited resources chasing after opportunities that may never be realized due to bureaucratic inaction," said Strom.
The 200 page report - due to be delivered to Justice Minister Nora Owen this month - accuses the force of being highly bureaucratic and inflexible, with an emphasis on information rather than action".
The turbulent environment has changed the structure of physician practice from small scale individualistic to large scale bureaucratic organizations of physician groups.
Although the country is presently administered by an elected civilian government, the bureaucratic patronage system has remained unchanged and constitutes a major obstacle to the decentralization of power and to social and economic reform.
This device, this "sense of humor," Wickberg argues, helped reconcile the apparently conflicting modern American values of individualism, on the one hand, and compliance to co-operative bureaucratic systems on the other.
That's a problem because the balance we aim for while constructing and managing an election system is how to minimize bureaucratic rules and barriers that hinder the right to vote while also including sufficient safeguards to ensure integrity and credibility in our elections.
Addressing civil servants, the prime minister said bureaucratic temperament and political interference are often talked about as obstacles in moving the democratic process forward.