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Synonyms for bureaucracy

Synonyms for bureaucracy

nonelective government officials

a government that is administered primarily by bureaus that are staffed with nonelective officials

any organization in which action is obstructed by insistence on unnecessary procedures and red tape

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Many contemporary scholars have severely criticised Weber's theory of bureaucracy by denying the possibilities of efficient outcomes from bureaucracies.
Undue pride in the desk bound craft was to be the hallmark of bureaucracies, where procedural conformity was importantly preferred over interpersonal relationship and overall wellbeing of the organizations.
Bureaucracies, embedded in modern government, are gendered since the organizational dominance of men and control of power is to the disadvantage of women (Ferguson 1984; Duerst-Lahti and Kelly 1995; Kelly and Newman 2001; Savage and Witz 1992).
6) Volti reports that bureaucracies are characterized by impersonality, and provide an effective and efficient way to get things done: government bureaucracies generally employ civil service examinations to recruit new employees, and bureaucratic organizations coordinate the work of their members through hierarchical authority (evaluation is a basic requirement for effective bureaucratic organization).
Page and Jenkins contend that policymaking is a bureaucratic process: policy bureaucracies have to be mobilized before most significant policy initiatives are launched, and are not organizations that observe the formalities of hierarchy (policymaking as a bureaucratic activity can shape the overall result of the policymaking process).
This ensured concentration of powers -- usually controlled directly by both civil and military bureaucracies -- in the executive branch stayed put to the detriment of legislature as well as the judiciary.
The World Bank's East Asian Miracle study thought that East Asian bureaucracies were effective because they were insulated from day-to-day political interference.
Not only do the multiple layers of bureaucracy soak up an unacceptable amount of taxpayer dollars, but disagreements among the bureaucracies are resolved in lawsuits, with the taxpayers footing the bill for each side of the dueling educrats.
A Viennese-born Catholic priest and theologian, Illich had some first-hand experience with bureaucracies.
What we are seeing is public sector bureaucracies that have grown by about 300,000 people in the last eight years.
Bureaucracies determine funding, and the history of bureaucracy is much more to my taste than is yet another map of the Battle of X.
One cannot underestimate the significance of even a few bishops speaking out, and distancing themselves from their own main stream bureaucracies.
A few major units are implementing reforms that are breaking down hidebound bureaucracies for the first time in decades.
Beyond the danger of intentional despotism, there is the danger inherent in all bureaucracies.
WHO was founded in the wake of World War II, in a wave of optimism over the ability of international bureaucracies to create and direct a safe and sane world.