bureau de change

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(French) an establishment where you can exchange foreign money

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Seamogano Mosanako, responsable des services de communication et d'information de la Banque, a indique que l'institution a retire la licence delivree a Rennies Bureau de Change, pour effectuer des operations de change, a la suite de sa decision de cesser volontairement ses activites.
However, some of the investigators are asking questions on how the former GOC got involved in the movement of such amount when he is not a bank or a licensed bureau de change operator.
She said she was staffing the bureau de change when a stocky European man with a cap, mousey hair, and olive skin approached her and mumbled: "This is a raid."
The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has said that it would end its sale of foreign exchange to Bureau de Change (BDC) operators in the country.
"With TMX-online, we were able to launch our business without having to worry about designing operational procedures since they are all configured and embedded in the product," said Jerome Mutumba, Executive Chairman at Rockhard Bureau de Change
EeNigeria's apex bank has said the country is the highest net importer of the US dollar in the world, hence it is planning a policy to further moderate Bureau de Change (BDC) activities.
Stealth charges abound, whether you pay by plastic or go to a bureau de change. So here are my core 10 rules to ensure you maximise your cash - and hopefully stretch it further to give you a better time.
Selon un responsable d'un bureau de change, le marche de devises a temoigne a nouveau d'une demande sur le dollar apres la fete de la Nativite.
A spokeswoman for Travelex, which runs two Bureau de Change stalls at Birmingham Airport, said the firm did offer cheaper rates online.
HOLIDAYMAKERS can now pick up their foreign exchange with their suntan lotion, after Liverpool's Superdrug opened an in-store bureau de change.
The new store incorporates a bureau de change, petrol station, photo lab, clothing range and pizza bar as well as the supermarket itself It has environmentallyfriendly features, including rainwater harvesting and use of natural light whenever possible.
I RECENTLY tried to get pounds 200 of Czech money on my American Express card from the Bureau de Change at Edinburgh Airport.
A businessman amassed about pounds 1 million by buying euros at 'massively favourable' exchange rates from a post office bureau de change, a court heard yesterday.
Hence, what is required instead of a single egalitarian metric is the equivalent of an egalitarian bureau de change. Moreover, a consideration of appropriate multidimensional indifference maps suggests that egalitarians are best construed as opposing certain inequalities, rather than as pursuing any strict, one-dimensional equality.
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