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any of several erect biennial herbs of temperate Eurasia having stout taproots and producing burs

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Open Procedure: Conducting The Postal Agency In The City Of Katowice In The Closed Streets: Burdocks, Witkiewicz, Smugowa, Wantuly
Founder Peter O'Mahony said: "Companies like Leo Burdocks know banks, while still a traditional source of business lending, cannot react with the speed of turnaround companies need in the current marketplace.
The height of Wolff's notoriety in the world of popular culture was with the release of Sonic Youth's album Goodbye 20th Century (1999), which included Wolff's graphic notation masterpiece Edges and a movement from his highly indeterminate classic Burdocks.
As part of the planned legal revision, the ministry also plans to require all perishable food products to carry certificates of origin, up from the current nine products including burdocks and asparagus.
But now they too carry buckets and wear pricker-resistant clothes and bravely wade armpit deep through thorns and burdocks to find the juicy big ones where they're always hidden--under leaves and beyond slippery logs.
Contract notice: Implementation of project documentation: project construction executive, the organization carrying out the investment, the organization pedestrian, pavement restoration, bills of quantities, cost estimates investor, stwior, bioz together with any necessary arrangements in connection with the implementation of the project documentation for the construction of water supply and sewage in the streets: a clear role, os victory juranda, burdocks, koprova, sorrel, persimmon, bozydar, bozywoja, adorable, thyme, polanowski, along with amber by acquiring all the necessary permits for the project and the decisions of the competent authorities, in particular the final building permits and author~s supervision over the implementation of the investment made on the basis of the project.
The latter occurrences often involve introduced noxious weeds, commonly burdock (Arctium: Needham, 1909; McNicholl, 1988, 1994; Nealen and Nealen, 2000; Hinam et al.
Reports continue to identify bird entanglement in burdock and other plants known to impact birds.