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unwelcome burdensome difficulty

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Perceived burdensomeness (PB) is a mental state characterized by apperceptions that others would "be better off if I were gone," which manifests when the need for social competence that is posited by frameworks including self-determination theory (Ryan & Deci, 2000) is unmet.
aspects of the opinion suggest that the court's real concern was with the burdensomeness of the proposed remedy, rather than the fitness of the claims for class treatment.
2003), the seminal federal ESI burdensomeness case that many courts look to in determining whether to shift costs, held that the first three categories (active, online data, near-line data, and offline storage/archives) are accessible, and the latter two categories (backup tapes, and erased, fragmented or damaged data) are inaccessible.
There was a growing unrest, beginning in the mid-1920s, from the Teachers' Federation, teachers and inspectors over the burdensomeness of aspects of the classification scheme.
For the moment, however, third parties -- or the party (usually the defendant) with which the third party is aligned -- often resist production of documents or depositions until the bulk of discovery is completed under the guise of burdensomeness.
One theorist has suggested that there are three key factors leading to suicide: 1) "thwarted belongingness," or feelings of alienation despite trying to connect with others; 2) "perceived burdensomeness," or feeling like a burden to others; and 3) "the acquired ability to enact lethal self-injury," or desensitization to pain and death from repeated exposure.
Alcohol-related problems and risk of suicide among college students: The mediating roles of belongingness and burdensomeness.
Suicidal ideation and sexual orientation in college students: the roles of perceived burdensomeness, thwarted belongingness, and perceived rejection due to sexual orientation.
The defense of it faces objections familiar to human rights theory such as undue burdensomeness, unclaimability, and infeasibility, as well as some less familiar objections such as illiberality, intolerability, and ideals of the family.
posits that a potentially fatal suicide attempt requires: (1) a sense of burdensomeness, (2) a sense of loneliness and isolation; and (3) a sense of fearlessness about lethal self-harm.
A sense of social isolation and burdensomeness may be "tipping factors" for suicidal acts when adolescents feel depressed.
17) Joiner emphasizes three factors as contributing to suicidal potential: (1) failed belongingness, (2) perceived burdensomeness, and (3) habituation to self-injury.
Clearly, given the perceived burdensomeness of HEALTHpact's requirements, it should not be surprising that employers tended to opt for less onerous products, all else being equal, absent even greater discounts provided by a subsidy.
Unfortunately" Arendt writes, Kipling's "presentation lacked the innate truth of ancient legends," since contrary to his claim that imperialism was an altruistic task whose burdensomeness was not cared about, understood, or seen by anyone else, "the world cared and knew and saw how they [the British imperialists] did it [built the Empire]," and "no such tale could ever have convinced the world that they [the British imperialists] did not 'get anything out of that little job'" (209).