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Synonyms for burdensome

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Synonyms for burdensome

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Synonyms for burdensome

not easily borne

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This culture promotes a so-called "right to die," which can be expanded to include not just the terminally ill, but also the very seriously ill, and the mentally ill, the inconvenient people, the burdensomely ill, the old and decrepit, the unwanted.
But the coincidence of two lists, that of lifestyles deemed burdensomely expensive and that of lifestyles deemed sinful, or of people deemed unworthy, suggests a different agenda from the often stated one.
The orchestral accompaniment can range from burdensomely obscure to moodily transparent, depending, I suppose, on the mood of the engineers.
Many of those who still have Medigap plans--which cost an average of $1,000 a year, according to The Wall Street Journal--find them burdensomely expensive.
But outside the cities in this country of 60 million, there are eight million illiterate females, a dramatically lower average age of marriage, and burdensomely high fertility rates.
A long-overdue though not inspired translation, usefully if burdensomely annotated, of the still thrilling, still weird 1920 anthology.
A speech is held, and thirteen sonnets are composed in order to demonstrate to the country once more what is happening: it is the misery of unification which inspires Grass so eloquently in the speech and so burdensomely in the poems.