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Synonyms for burdensome

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Synonyms for burdensome

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Synonyms for burdensome

not easily borne

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Officials said that the fear of public backlash looked more burdensome than the financial impact of running the Shahbaz era low cost bus service.
The brokers surveyed said that new regulations are overly burdensome and some of them also opined that some of the regulations were totally unnecessary.
The FCC's action invites public comment on which media rules should be modified or eliminated as unnecessary or burdensome. Through this review, the FCC seeks to reduce regulations that can stand in the way of competition, innovation, and investment in the media marketplace.
The release claims the FDAMA did not change the statutory requirements for the FDA's medical device review and approval standards, but only required the process be conducted in the "least burdensome" manner, which the Device Act seeks to ensure by:
Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) medical device review and approval standards, but only required the process be conducted in the "least burdensome" manner, which the Device Act seeks to ensure by:
MANILA -- Describing as "burdensome" the need to transport witnesses and pieces of evidence from Manila to Batanes, the Supreme Court has approved the request last year of Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) officers to have the venue of their homicide trial transferred from the regional trial court (RTC) of Basco, Batanes, to the Manila RTC.
Reforms to Medicare regulations identified as unnecessary, obsolete or excessively burdensome on hospitals and healthcare providers would save nearly $676 million annually, and $3.4 billion over five years, through a rule proposed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).
Now it is against reason for a man to be burdensome to others, by offering no pleasure to others, and by hindering their enjoyment.
Such non-tariff measures (NTMs) are less visible and more complex than tariff protection measures, and are particularly burdensome for companies in developing countries that do not have the capacity to comply with the imposed rules and regulations.
GAO was asked to (1) describe federal requirements identified as the most burdensome by selected states and school districts and other stakeholders, (2) describe information states and school districts collect on the cost of complying with those requirements, and (3) assess federal efforts to reduce or eliminate burdensome requirements.
Nearly one in five patients with advanced cognitive and functional impairment who are in their final days of life is subjected to a burdensome, potentially unnecessary transition in health care, such as being moved from a nursing home to a hospital, a report shows.
They examined Medicare data on all nursing home residents in the United States and defined "burdensome transitions" according to interviews with families and the expert opinions of geriatricians and palliative medicine specialists.
It said a survey of around 2,000 businesses between 10 and 49 employees revealed nearly two thirds want to take on more employees, but just over half have said the regulations are too burdensome.
The House Financial Services Committee passed "The Burdensome Data Collection Relief Act" (H.R.