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Synonyms for burdened

Synonyms for burdened

bearing a heavy burden of work or difficulties or responsibilities


bearing a physically heavy weight or load

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Jesus' words are a constant source of strength and hope, especially for those who are heavily burdened.
See ROBINSON, supra note 34, at 145 (defining a burden of persuasion as, "The degree to which the trier of fact must be persuaded in order to decide an issue in favor of the burdened party.
Because a higher tax was paid on purchases made from out-of-state sellers, the taxpayer contended the law impermissibly burdened interstate commerce.
Free exercise and other First Amendment rights may be equally burdened by prison regulations, but the Constitution itself provides religious exercise with specific safeguards.
Investigators have suggested that caregivers who spend more time in caregiving activities (objective burden) are more burdened (Fredman et al.