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elongate freshwater cod of northern Europe and Asia and North America having barbels around its mouth

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Daily allowances for the Vologda region: 2 kg of grayling and whitefish, 5 kg of bream (live form), pike perch (dwelling form), pike, burbot, bersh, asp.
Knowing that burbot spawn in midwinter after moving from deep-water haunts to shallower flats, his team placed hydroacoustic listening devices below the ice.
Wyoming passed similar regulations for northern pike and burbot upstream in the Green River drainage, and Colorado has implemented an unlimited catch policy for these species in their portion of the Colorado River drainage.
But the research team determined that burbot fish in two Russian rivers, the Lena and the Mezen, are safe to eat.
Give yourself credit if you can list and recognize American brook lamprey, gizzard shad, brook trout, red-fin pickerel, chain pickerel, lake chub, eastern silvery minnow, golden shiner, bridle shiner, common shiner, spot-tail shiner, northern red-belly dace, black-nose dace, long-nose dace, creed chub, fallfish, long-nose sucker, white sucker, creek chubsucker, brown bullhead, trout-perch (locally extinct), burbot, banded killifish, white perch, banded sunfish, redbreast sunfish, pumpkinseed, swamp darter, tasselated darter, yellow perch and slimy sculpin.
After developing the microscope in the 1600 s, Antoni van Leewenhoek inspired the Biblical citation against eating fish without scales, illustrated scales of European eel (Anguilla anguilla) and burbot (Lota lota); he judged that they did not have the same shape and number of circular lines (JACKSON, 2007).
International Burbot Symposium (2d: 2005: Anchorage, AK) Ed.
BURBOT used to be a prolific species in our rivers until the late Sixties when they became extinct in British waters.
40 The burbot or eelpout is one of the very few freshwater members of which fish family?
They use rod and reels for grayling and trout; in the winter they jig through the ice for grayling and burbot.
Although the burbot is genetically a freshwater cod--the most revered food staple in the world--the burbot sadly is extended no such respect.