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  • verb

Synonyms for burble

to flow or move with a low slapping sound

Synonyms for burble

flow in an irregular current with a bubbling noise

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There are witty sequences in which Shackleton interviews men of dubious heroism to accompany him on his second expedition, as well as selling the idea to sponsors and patrons, not an easy thing to do as World War I burbles on the horizon.
The sparrow eventually burbles the original theme again, a version of a sonata's final recapitulation.
It burbles along with sewing machine precision, has extremely well mannered handling, offers a neutral, comfy riding position and is as smooth as a double-glazing salesman.
In the end, customers want flawless video distributed wirelessly in a home without interference or burbles.
A song such as "The Soft Secrets Within the Tabernacles" burbles with energy and a subversive sort of whimsy, while the guitar on the out-there "LACH" betrays an understated sort of intricacy.
The website burbles on: "We also believe that we should be open to big ideas.
Surman and DeJohnette talk to each other in music, with soprano wails answered by tom-tom thwacks and cymbal shimmers prompting burbles from the bass clarinet.
On Wednesday's show, Clark burbles, ``The vastness of our country, the sense of freedom that it imparts, is ingrained in many of us.