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  • verb

Synonyms for burble

to flow or move with a low slapping sound

Synonyms for burble

flow in an irregular current with a bubbling noise

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"Today was a good day for England," burbled the BBC, a comment Cockett wryly records in her wartime diary, knowing for certain such an announcement would become more and more ironic.
He then burbled on about misunderstandings and the need to look at procedures - the usual ducking and diving that would be more convincing if this wasn't a frequent complaint against Tesco, as an investigation by the BBC's You and Yours discovered.
Then, like multicolored inchworms, bodies began to surge in from the sides as a bass guitar rift blared and indecipherable lyrics burbled amid dire, comprehensible fragments like "I suited it out, boy." One could feel a flash of excitement hit the audience when it caught a glimpse of Pilobolus' famed physicality, its circusy way of using bodies as organic elements in a larger whole.
"I'm just filled with good things here today," he burbled, when talking with co-host Terry Meeuwsen about the Supreme Court alterations.
'I can see myself in her,' burbled Jerry, on her daughter's pounds 500,000 contract as the face of Lancome.'She has something so special, an ability to move and wear clothes and everyone swoons for her and that purity of spirit.'
The contestant, a farmer's wife from Maine who was in town visiting her daughter, endured the quizzer's quips about her home state with quiet dignity, but her lips tightened when he burbled repeatedly about New England thrift and penny-pinching.
(During a report about the dangers of the health supplement Creatine, the left side of the screen burbled "reputably tested" and "easily available," sounding like an informercial for the dubious substance.)
It had an air-cooled rear-mounted engine which sounded like a mower as the car burbled along.
"Oh, I'm one of your biggest fans!" I burbled excitedly.
"That's not true," the teen burbled. "I'm gay and I know my dad loves me.
your neighbor's pool burbled and glowed; an insect not quite cricket rubbed its legs together, revving up to send
During the interview, Bennett repeatedly praised freedom of the press in Communist China--asserting that (as translated by the People's Daily) the "Chinese government has recognized the value of having foreign journalists have access to China and write about something good or bad and get as much freedom as the law provides to write stories without fearing retaliation or punishment." He even burbled." "If I were a young journalist today, figuring out where I should go to make my career, I would go to China."