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a Chadic language spoken south of Lake Chad


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"Our employees speak over 20 languages with Cantonese and Mandarin being prevalent in the Chinese markets we serve," Buran said in a statement.
They added that today 49 illegal immigrants were rescued along with 59 others who were using different boats near Buran Island, noting that among those rescued children and women.
Now the facility sits partially abandoned and two shuttles sit gathering dust - they were from the Buran Space Program and include a test shuttle and one that was never used after the space program ended in 1993.
The aircraft was designed to airlift the Energia rocket's boosters and the Buran orbiter for the Soviet space program.
After the cooled-blooded murder of Buran Wani in 2016, an icon of Kashmir's freedom fight, the situation was said to be went out of control of the Indian forces.The Iranian Foreign Minster's invitation, to Pakistan to take part in the development of Chahbahar port, has said to be the cause of latest frosty ties.
Buran, President and CEO stated, "Beginning in 2018, the Company expects to retain a larger share of corporate earnings thanks to the recently enacted reductions in the federal corporate tax rate.
Before that, a climatic blizzard of snow - with dazzling spot-lights and the booming sounds of Carmina Buran - billows out across the room at a hundred knots.
A team of YouTubers snuck into a restricted hangar in Kazakhstan to explore and film space shuttles from the Soviet-era Buran space program.
Let's look first at how this rocket recycling business started--in the US, with the shuttle programme, and in the Soviet Union, with Buran. Both spacecraft looked suspiciously similar, but Buran flew only one-unmanned-mission, in 1988.
Previous studies have mostly been conducted on adolescents (Sawin, Beilin, Roux, Buran, & Brei, 2009; Sawin, Buran, Brei, & Fastenau, 2003) or adults (McLaughlin, Murray, Van Zandt, & Carr, 1996; van Achterberg et al., 2008).
People employing Facebook for surveillance reasons deliberately use it to assimilate other individuals' personal information (Buran, 2015), being expected to notice specific aspects that activate feelings of envy.
Individuals involve with the latter via the mind, their mental experiences being interceded through the knowledge (Buran, 2015) and dialogues that are already there.
Companies also presenting in the 2017-18 season include Amas Musical Theatre, Broken Box Mime Theater, Buran Theatre, the Civilians, Dramatic Question Theatre, Houses on the Moon Theater Company, New York City Children's Theater, One Year Lease Theater Company, the Play Company, Project Y Theatre Company, Prospect Theater Company, Target Margin Theater, Theater Breaking Through Barriers, and Transport Group Theatre Company.
One example is the new and compact Buran"plug and play"refrigeration compressed air dryer with integrated UltraPleat[R] high-performance pre and final filters.With the extensive range of compressed air filters, adsorption and refrigeration compressed air dryers, Donaldson emphasizes the development successes that lead to significant energy savings in the production and use of compressed air.
Buran, the company's President and CEO, stated: "Our record results for the year ended December 31, 2015, our solid balance sheet, strong capital position and confidence in the opportunities for future growth, support the Company's decision to increase the quarterly cash dividend by six percent.