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medium to large deciduous oak of central and eastern North America with ovoid acorns deeply immersed in large fringed cups

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The ancient bur oak has been here for at least 300 years, perhaps as long as 500.
About a mile north of the Ingleside Oak, a young Virginian named Josiah Collins felled a huge bur oak.
It could have been that my fall-collected bur oak acorns sprouted roots and leaves the year I forgot to dry them out.
The ridgetop prairie is bordered by a bur oak forest to the south (plots 4 to 8), as well as to the north (plots 18-22)(Fig.
The average size class of mature bur oaks that were measured was 84.
Hannibal Woods includes several spectacular examples of bur oak (Quercus macrocarpa) that exceed 150 years of age and an understory typical of temperate deciduous forest associations found farther east (Churchill 1979, Rothenberger 1985).
4 m); and pin and bur oak (Quercus palustris Muenchh.
The king of nut trees on the Prairies is the Bur Oak (Quercus macrocarpa).
For determination of age, 24 specimens of hackberry, 13 specimens of green ash and 4 specimens of bur oak through all size classes were randomly selected for increment boring.
Along with big bur oaks, these trees are all that remain of the original fire- and bison-maintained savanna that served as the hunting grounds for Native Americans north of the Ohio, and as a magnet to Daniel Boone and the pioneers from the colonies.
editor: Here in Nashville we are lucky to have several big, old bur oaks throughout Davidson County and the metro area.
Unfortunately, homeowners often unwittingly harm the bur oaks by removing moisture-retaining natural leaf mulch and replacing it with thirsty lawn grass, causing permanent dehydration.
Beginning this fall and continuing until next spring, the company will donate groves of Minuteman River Birches and Mark Twain Cave Bur Oaks to each of the eight communities.
Although this stately tree has suffered the indignities of lightning strikes a few times in its long life, it has held its own among the bur oaks The tree is a symbol of the farm and is shown on its stationery and work hats.