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in a cheerfully buoyant manner


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(2) These interests emerge far more buoyantly in "La Luxure," Demy's contribution to the 1962 anthology film The Seven Deadly Sins.
Growth in the tourism sector is forecast to continue, albeit less buoyantly".
The 11-foot craft disappeared behind a bowl-shaped splash before bouncing buoyantly against safety netting.
The seawater is chemically altered into hot hydrothermal fluids, which rise buoyantly toward the surface.
The FTSE-100 Index edged 5.1 points higher to 6270.8, despite losses from miners who had started the session trading buoyantly.
Gordon, reacting to these limitations, overturned Murry's interpretation by offering the complete text and a largely positive image of the author: his Mansfield was buoyantly happy on her journey, and showed an independence of thought that reflected a growing engagement with the country of her birth, and her 'writer's notebook' illustrates a developing craft.
In the confusion and commotion, the construction sector too has experienced mixed circumstances, from projects being shelved and then resurrected, to launching bigger and better developments and even a Guinness Book of Records entry being set - all the while before a backdrop of a yo-yoing economy, swinging from between flailing and dwindling fiscal reserves, to buoyantly riding the non-hydrocarbon wave.
Although Gearoid affirms that he was a happy child growing up, buoyantly cheerful rather than lonely, readers all over the globe took pity on this isolated boy touted as having "only the seagulls as playmates" (17).
Bergman and Brown 's buoyantly cheesy production, adapted from a 1992 movie starring James Caan, Nicolas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker, combines retro musical flavors with contemporary rhymes.
moment's hesitation and his lover did most buoyantly agree.
His phrasing remained elegant throughout, as did his tone, and long hours of practice made light work of the concerto's effervescent rondo finale, the horn bubbling buoyantly along while Petrenko kept the pace pushing forward and the orchestral accompaniment bright.
Instead of sitting quietly, and absorbing more words, Mayur seemed committed to having a good time, and was scampering about with his friend Hari, who buoyantly declared that he had gotten out in the first round (but impressively knew that a 'brivet' was a document).
From the start of its first hour to the final notes of its fourth, all the familiar Blin touches--the charmingly detailed painted scenery, with its side curtains and perspective backdrops; the choreographed "period" movement; the unfailing impulse to entertain, to keep the show buoyantly aloft even when the comedy is low--were here in complicit profusion.
The set, which had started so buoyantly with thumping versions of Red Eyes And Tears and Whatever Happened..., needed impetus.
Despite being branded a pariah, Robert Mugabe's shameful leadership over more than 30 years has seen their economy collapse, stagnate and now prosper, brazenly described by the IMF as buoyantly achieving economic growth.