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in a cheerfully buoyant manner


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Bergman and Brown 's buoyantly cheesy production, adapted from a 1992 movie starring James Caan, Nicolas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker, combines retro musical flavors with contemporary rhymes.
They thought the hot water leached chemicals from rocks, rose buoyantly, and vented back up through the seafloor, carrying chemicals into the ocean.
Still, Federer is not yet ready to concede his throne as the King of Grass, as he buoyantly bragged about his chance of winning back the crown this year.
A flick through the history books has thrown up some startling score-lines: in the 1931/32 season, Wrexham buoyantly travelled to Chester and secured a 5-2 victory over their bitter rivals.
and so on by alternate successions, sinking into night or blazing into day, like the Sicilian river Arethusa, and the English river Mole--or like the undulating motions of a flattened stone which children cause to skim the breast of a river, now diving below the water, now grazing its surface, sinking heavily into darkness, rising buoyantly into light, through a long vista of alternations?
His phrasing remained elegant throughout, as did his tone, and long hours of practice made light work of the concerto's effervescent rondo finale, the horn bubbling buoyantly along while Petrenko kept the pace pushing forward and the orchestral accompaniment bright.
Instead of sitting quietly, and absorbing more words, Mayur seemed committed to having a good time, and was scampering about with his friend Hari, who buoyantly declared that he had gotten out in the first round (but impressively knew that a 'brivet' was a document).
A buoyantly blissful blend of romance and comedy, starring Joanna Riding reprising her feisty heroine, and Michael Xavier, the show about factory staff demanding a pay rise features golden hits such as Hey There (You With The Stars In Your Eyes), Hernando's Hideaway and Steam Heat.
From the start of its first hour to the final notes of its fourth, all the familiar Blin touches--the charmingly detailed painted scenery, with its side curtains and perspective backdrops; the choreographed "period" movement; the unfailing impulse to entertain, to keep the show buoyantly aloft even when the comedy is low--were here in complicit profusion.
Its title refers to a booty-shaking dance move--a very strenuous one, despite how simple and intuitive it looks (trust me, I tried it)--that originated in the New Orleans bounce music scene, and the multilingual poems in this book (many of which feature discussions of that part of the anatomy) buoyantly bounce, bound and shimmy their way up a tower of Babel, collecting and dealing out information about and language derived from Hawaiian history, Scientology, Japanese sex subcultures, and South African mythology, among about a million other globe-spanning (and spinning) references, all while remaining grounded in a very contemporary African American woman's perspective.
The buoyantly uplifting 'I'm Blue, Skies' includes 12 songs that deftly blend folk music's heartfelt storytelling with a pop music beat and sensibility.
The series "American People," 1963-67, shows Ringgold buoyantly imaging suppressed aspects of Americanness, employing figuration to a nuanced, generative end.
The set, which had started so buoyantly with thumping versions of Red Eyes And Tears and Whatever Happened.
Despite being branded a pariah, Robert Mugabe's shameful leadership over more than 30 years has seen their economy collapse, stagnate and now prosper, brazenly described by the IMF as buoyantly achieving economic growth.
I'd vote for Obama," Chavez said buoyantly on state television just a week before he won his third six-year term two weeks ago, potentially extending his tenure to two decades, the report said.