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an animal virus belonging to the family Bunyaviridae

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We found evidence of IgM for flaviviruses (DENV, WNV, and YFV); the bunyavirus RVFV; the alphavirus CHIKV; and the filoviruses EBOV and MBGV (Table 2).
Etken Bunyavirus ailesinden Nairovirus soyundan tek sarmalli bir RNA virusudur.
Ramon Flick, also of the UTMB, is titled "Antisense Morpholino Oligomers Directed Against Bunyavirus Genome Segments Inhibit Replication and Proliferation.
The genome sequence of lone star virus, a highly divergent bunyavirus found in the Amblyomma americanum tick.
Recent reports of US patients infected with Borrelia miyamotoi (4), an Ehrlichia muris-like agent (5), a novel bunyavirus (6), and a putative new genospecies of Borrelia burgdorferi (B.
Presentations Include Ebola, Influenza, Dengue, SARS Coronavirus and Bunyavirus Studies at the International Conference on Antiviral Research
Evidence that genetic reassortment appears to be the driving force in bunyavirus evolution (5) strongly supports the possibility that novel reassortant bunyaviruses will continue to be identified.
In addition, serum samples from all patients were analyzed for PUUV-specific IgM and IgG by using a strip-immunoassay (recomLine Bunyavirus IgG/ IgM, Mikrogen, Neuried, Germany).
If results were calculated as positive (for any species/subspecies of hantavirus), the test was repeated and confirmed by using the Recomline Bunyavirus IgG/ IgM Line Assay (Mikrogen, Neuried, Germany).