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an animal virus belonging to the family Bunyaviridae

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2011) Fever with thrombocytopenia associated with a novel bunyavirus in China.
More importantly, considering the high percentage and severity of HLH cases caused by Bunyavirus, it is important to further explore its pathogenesis, clinical treatment and clinical outcome.
The family is divided into four genera that affect animals: Nairovirus, Bunyavirus, and Phlebovirus (all transmitted in nature by arthropods) and Hantavirus (the only genus that is transmitted by rodents).
Las fiebres hemorragicas virales son un grupo de enfermedades causadas por los virus, a partir de cuatro familias distintas: filovirus, arenavirus, flavivirus y bunyavirus.
We are also seeing promise in our antivirals for Dengue Fever and Bunyavirus, along with our anti-bacterial program, all of which are in early stages of the pre-clinical process.
Investigations on the presence of antibodies to alphaviruses, flaviviruses, Bunyavirus and Kemerovo virus in humans and some domestic animals.
Recent work using a related bunyavirus (Rift Valley Fever virus) has found that effective DNA vaccines can be generated .
This volume collects 28 cases of emerging infectious diseases: severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome associated with a novel bunyavirus, Bas-Congo virus, hantavirus, Lassa fever, Alkhurma hemorrhagic fever, Rift Valley fever, Lujo virus hemorrhagic fever, Toscana virus, Ebola virus, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, phlebotomus fever-sandfly fever, chikungunya fever, Nipah virus disease, Middle East respiratory syndrome-coronavirus infection, human bocavirus, norovirus gastroenteritis, enterohemorrhagic E.
Por referirnos a un solo caso de abril del 2011 y sin mayor esfuerzo de busqueda, citamos el articulo "Fever with thrombocytopenia associated with a novel Bunyavirus in China", el cual aparece firmado por 46 autores (3).
Etken Bunyavirus ailesinden Nairovirus soyundan tek sarmalli bir RNA virusudur.
La Crosse virus (LACV), a California serogroup bunyavirus, is a leading cause of pediatric arboviral encephalitis in the United States and is transmitted primarily by the eastern treehole mosquito (Aedes triseriatus) (1).
Bunyavirus that typically causes severe encephalitis and neurologic sequelae in children younger than 16 years of age 32.
tropica Phiebotomus Kala- azar Fiebre virus Garrapata Fiebre viral Hyahmna viral hemorragica marginatum hemorragica Dengue Flavivirus Mosquito Fiebre viral hemorragica Fiebre Arbovirus Mosquito Fiebre amarilla viral hemorragica Encefalitis Arbovirus Mosquito Encefalitis equina del Aedes este albopictus Fiebre del Arbovirus Mosquito Encefalitis rio Ross Aedes aibopictus Encefalitis Arbovirus Mosquito Encefalitis japonesa Fiebre del Bunyavirus Mosquito Encefalitis Valle de Rift West Nile flavivirus Mosquito Encefalitis Fiebre de Togavirus Mosquito Encefalitis Chikungunya Tabla 3.
La Crosse encephalitis virus (LACV) is a mosquitoborne bunyavirus of the California encephalitis serogroup (1).