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Bitou carried a great bull on his shoulders; the water-wagtails, the warblers, and the buntings traverse the ocean."
"Stale" which means "urinate" (and not "whinny" as I had previously assumed) is also used by Shakespeare in Antony and Cleopatra, Thomas Hardy in Tess of the d'Urbervilles, and Kipling in "South Africa." Such notes bear evidence of a long history of poetry and a literary tradition that Bunting is both rooted in and carries forward: the edition thus places him, poetically, among the greats--thoroughly deserved and long overdue.
ONE of Teesside's delightful winter visitors that you could bump into anywhere is the snow bunting.
NOAH'S ARK BUNTING - 10M: Made from pure cotton, it features an array of striped and ditsy printed triangles in shades of soft grey and white.
ELK GROVE VILLAGE Bunting Magnetics, in honor of its 60th birthday, launched a major rebranding effort to unifying all of its divisions under the single brand name "Bunting."
The corn bunting, known as the "fat bird of the barley", was once widespread across the UK but underwent a rapid decline due to agricultural intensification.
Mr Justice Maguire dismissed Jolene Bunting's appeal against a fourmonth interim suspension.
Stuart Rawling, 32, turned up to confront Declan Bunting outside a flat on Wilderspool Causeway, Warrington, on June 16, armed with an axe and a knife.
Every constituency is fully decorated with banners, buntings, flags, posters, stickers and electoral symbols, even children are taking keen interest in election activities by supporting their political parties while holding flags in their hands, wearing bands on their heads and decorating their houses with bunting and flags.
Quite obviously, Sarah Goss and her side will have a target on their back again when the new season begins this weekend with Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens, but Bunting said that their focus was only on the first game and they are not looking too far ahead.
AN entrepreneur from Morpeth has seen her work adorn the big screen after her bunting was used in the new Paddington Bear film.
Bunting says the acquisition will build on and complement its existing business through broadened customer reach, new manufacturing capabilities and the opportunity to sell into new markets.
FactorTrust, the alternative credit bureau, has said that it has appointed Paul Bunting as its chief information officer.
It's hard to imagine a more appropriate setting in which to do what Rachel Bunting decided to do last year: Newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, she resolved to hike the nearly 60-mile Batona Trail-one of the longest hiking trails in all of New Jersey-to raise funds for MS research and programs.
Bunting Magnetics, the leader in moving, removing and holding metal, has named Wendy Doll as its new Territory Manager supporting customers in portions of California and Nevada and the entire states of Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado.