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a batter who bunts

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" King, who moved into the premises in 2000, stayed in the yard when the Bunters, who had horses with him, bought the estate in 2003.
"In matters of food," Richards would write, "Billy Bunter was a Bolshevik." Hopelessly addicted to sweet things, he grabbed and wolfed down everything he could.
Woe betide Bunter if he couldn't decline his Latin nouns.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 1.25 Gioia De Vita, 2.00 Woodland Mill, 2.35 La Salida, 3.10 Art Storm, 3.45 Miss Bunter, 4.20 Imperial Bond, 4.55 Categorical, 5.30 Jordaura.
SWAT -- Bunter police launched operation on Wednesday against criminals and arrested two accused involved in heinous crime.
Fun with Business Logic Puzzle from page 28 KID BEST FRIEND TYPE OF BUSINESS Chandler dog walking Darby Dakota pet sitting Jaden Bunter car washing Logan Tarin lawn mowing Kendall
While YRNEH was deliberately coined as a reversal of HENRY, there is no evidence the same process applied for Billy Bunter's characteristic 'YAROOH!"'
I WAS surprised to read scientists have come up with a new theory called the Billy Bunter gene.
A compilation of twenty case studies collaboratively compiled and co-edited by Russell Bailey (Library Directory, Providence College, Rhode Island) and Barbara Bunter Tierney (University of North Carolina--Charlotte), "Transforming Library Service Through Information Commons" showcases the information commons model that library patrons can utilize for the gathering and dissemination of information, and which librarians can employ with respect to integrating research, teaching, and learning utilizing the opportunities provided by the new digital age.
Every so often, a baseball team involved in a close game will be confronted by an opponent in a simple but critical situation: man on first with nobody out, a good bunter coming up, followed by the opposition's two best hitters.
The MD rejoices in the name Nigel Bunter - so you might describe it as a fat cheque!
Pierre Mornell brings the savvy of a psychiatrist to the job interview in his book Games Companies Play: The job bunter's guide to playing smart & winning big in the high-stakes hiring game, now available in paperback.
Typical applications include induced draft and forced draft dampers, bunter tilts, and airflow control for combustion processes in power generation
The publishers offer us nine vintage Bailey essays, all published previously (one in this journal) between 1977 and 1996, with an engaging new introduction which (like other recent Bailey products) embraces the turn to autobiographical reflexivity and, in this case, represents the author to himself and to his readers as that classic English Victorian construct (a favourite term of abuse in the Billy Bunter stories), the 'cad'.
Supported by his private income and by the companionship and service of his loyal manservant Bunter, Wimsey often works closely with Inspector Parker of Scotland Yard (who marries Wimsey's sister).