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a batter who bunts

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King, who moved into the premises in 2000, stayed in the yard when the Bunters, who had horses with him, bought the estate in 2003.
In matters of food," Richards would write, "Billy Bunter was a Bolshevik.
Woe betide Bunter if he couldn't decline his Latin nouns.
Here is my Billy Bunter 11 that would grace any kebab shop in the world.
Every so often, a baseball team involved in a close game will be confronted by an opponent in a simple but critical situation: man on first with nobody out, a good bunter coming up, followed by the opposition's two best hitters.
Wills said Pierre already is an excellent bunter who could improve that OBP by bunting for more hits.
Typical applications include induced draft and forced draft dampers, bunter tilts, and airflow control for combustion processes in power generation
The publishers offer us nine vintage Bailey essays, all published previously (one in this journal) between 1977 and 1996, with an engaging new introduction which (like other recent Bailey products) embraces the turn to autobiographical reflexivity and, in this case, represents the author to himself and to his readers as that classic English Victorian construct (a favourite term of abuse in the Billy Bunter stories), the 'cad'.
A WIDOW is expected to make thousands of pounds by auctioning her late husband's huge collection of Billy Bunter books.
Supported by his private income and by the companionship and service of his loyal manservant Bunter, Wimsey often works closely with Inspector Parker of Scotland Yard (who marries Wimsey's sister).
A number of leads within the Bunter Sandstone, based on a new previously undrilled play, are also assessed within the Report.
Bunter Worcester, the party-loving heir of the Duke of Beaufort "Just some pants.
Nigel Bunter, chairman and organiser of the St James's Place Wealth Management Barbury International Eventing and Show, and an owner with Alan King, said: "Like the true professional, Kauto Star looked superb.
1876: Frank Richards, creator of fat schoolboy Billy Bunter, was born in London as Charles Hamilton.
Q How old was the actor who played Billy Bunter in the TV series?