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fine white Philippine fiber from stalks of unopened leaves of talipot palms

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The Buntal community had been logging the nearby forests, but the production of electricity by hydro depends on sufficient water levels.
The dam at Buntal is the first project to promote micro-hydro electricity for conservation purposes in DSNP.
This article is based on research carried out at the Sungai Buntal longhouse.
During the three-month dry season, when fewer agricultural tasks are being performed, fishing provides an important source of protein for the Buntal community.
The head of the Buntal subvillage (kepala dusun), the leader responsible for the administrative affairs of the longhouse and any communication with regional government officials, was Sanang.
To begin the development process at Buntal, CIFOR, Yayasan Riak Bumi and residents of the longhouse developed a proposal for funding that included the installation of the micro-hydro system and travel costs for the two villagers from West Java to instruct the participants about the technical and operational aspects of the project.
In return, the Buntal community taught the men from Java about the production of forest honey and other non-timber forest products.
The Sungai Buntal community had direct access to those who held the knowledge of microhydro electricity; social learning and the ACM approach transferred that knowledge from those locations of power to the Buntal community.
The knowledge obtained by the Buntal community was a form of power.
The research for this paper, conducted in August 2009, explored how the Sungai Buntal community perceived the project and its benefit to their lives.
At the Buntal longhouse, light is not just a way to illuminate one's surroundings; it also has significance in the Buntal Iban social belief system.
According to Li (1999:24), the Buntal community was using micro-hydro electricity as a "creative strategy to defend their livelihoods and advance their own agendas, attempting to turn state and 'green' discourse into their own ends.
Residents in the Buntal longhouse complained that even if they could afford it, diesel fuel was often not available.
Travel throughout Borneo, Indonesia, and even mainland Malaysia has been a feature of the Buntal Iban culture.
Baliwag is known for buntal hats and bone-inlaid furniture.