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a gas burner used in laboratories


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"The Bunsen burner, that flame, nowhere near matches the effects of a flashover fire, Riley said.
The inquest heard the fridge's compressor unit failed, causing the pentane gas used to refrigerate the appliance to turn the fridge into a "Bunsen burner" while the pair slept.
Watch as they make your drink on the Bunsen burner, then add ice and shake and pour into an Old Fashioned glass.
Just who is responsible for igniting Sheldon's Bunsen burner for science?
This consecutive commission from the Great North Run Cultural Programme mixes poetry and motivational anecdotes with a beaker of science and the warmth of a Bunsen burner.
India, June 23 -- Google has put on its lab coat and turned on the Bunsen burner for an experiment in refined searches, according to a video captured by a Spanish tech site.
* 10 cm diameter rubber or plastic tubing (e.g., Bunsen burner tubing)
And since today Google is celebrating the 200th birthday of Robert Bunsen, of repressed-middle-school-science-class-memory fame who, by the way, didn't even invent the Bunsen burner himself, and, like, how is that even possible?
Favourite Tango Cash, owned by Rashid A Rahman Al Jassmi, trained by Omar Al Nesef and to be ridden by Ali Hassan, can expect a close fight from Bunsen Burner and Agente Parmigiano in the race for imported horses which carries a cash prize of BD1,000 and to be run over 1,000 metres straight, starting at 3.45pm.
"We boiled water on a Bunsen burner and dissolved a morphine tablet in it and then you drew it up with a syringe--that was how you gave morphine."
Specialising in electromagnetism and electrochemistry, Faraday is regarded as a pioneer of early motor technology and also invented an early form of the bunsen burner. Born in Surrey in 1791, Faraday, who was deeply religious, died aged 75.
Entitled Costalots, he cleverly repurposes industry-standard safety specs, replacing the lenses originally designed to shield your eyeballs from say, the flicker of a Bunsen burner, with a softer, Laverne & Shirley tinted perspective.
2www.sciencemadesimple.com Get your bunsen burner at the ready because this American site not only explains a whole world of experiments, but also tells you the best way to write up your reports.
The cover illustration for this funny, light novel consists of three panels of a comic strip, without words, telling the story of the first incident in Libby's life that she records in her blog: when her hair caught fire in chemistry class as she leaned too close to the Bunsen burner, distracted by her crush on Seth and her hatred of Angel Rodriguez.
Forrester said his personnel monitored the situation for about an hour and found out the Bunsen burner gas line at the school wasn't even activated.