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a gas burner used in laboratories


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John had his first hit in 1977 with Cor Baby That's Really Free, and Bunsen Burner was born after fan club members asked what he would like for his 50th birthday, to which he replied "another hit single".
Fans chose Bunsen Burner as their favourite for a single from 12 songs Otway played to them at a gig in London in July.
While my scientific knowledge extends no further than lighting certain gases with a bunsen burner, cleverer brains than mine have another theory - and it concerns his decision to dye his hair a patriotic Scottish blue.
ba) in schwbisch hall: Various scales, Uv-vis spectrophotometer, Repeater pump, Drying cabinet, Incubator, Water bath, Microscopes, Various centrifuges, Table autoclave, Platelet agitator , Platelet incubator, Blood bank refrigerator, Blood balance, Vacuum sealers, Vacuum pump, Ultrasonic bath, Water bath, Bunsen burner, Etc.
Heston Blumenthal: "Melt bar of magnesium with Bunsen burner, stir with pint of mercury and leave so it turns into crystals.
That's where the political bunsen burner should be applied.
Along with creating the rockets, the youngsters also got their first glimpse of a Bunsen burner and explored the properties of various materials such as sand, wood, | Astronaut Dr salt water and stone.
INTEGRA'S FIREBOY Safety Bunsen Burner ensures safety by eliminating the risk of gas leaking and explosion inherent in using alcohol burners, gas cookers and traditional Bunsen burners.
And while I'm normally prepared to doff my cap to those in the know - particularly given that my last brush with anything science-related involved a Bunsen burner and a GCSE text book - quite honestly I'm not sure my own evidence tallies with this.
Watch as they make your drink on the Bunsen burner, then add ice and shake and pour into an Old Fashioned glass.
Just who is responsible for igniting Sheldon's Bunsen burner for science?
This consecutive commission from the Great North Run Cultural Programme mixes poetry and motivational anecdotes with a beaker of science and the warmth of a Bunsen burner.
India, June 23 -- Google has put on its lab coat and turned on the Bunsen burner for an experiment in refined searches, according to a video captured by a Spanish tech site.
This is because the oxygen in the atmospheric air was mostly pushed out of the can, and therefore, the fuel mix inside the can was lacking oxygen for complete methane combustion to occur, like the yellow flame on a Bunsen burner.