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a gas burner used in laboratories


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The spectroscope, an instrument he developed together with the physicist Kirchoff, allowed unknown substances to be identified purely by the colours they produced when heated in the flame of a Bunsen burner.
We boiled water on a Bunsen burner and dissolved a morphine tablet in it and then you drew it up with a syringe--that was how you gave morphine.
Specialising in electromagnetism and electrochemistry, Faraday is regarded as a pioneer of early motor technology and also invented an early form of the bunsen burner.
Entitled Costalots, he cleverly repurposes industry-standard safety specs, replacing the lenses originally designed to shield your eyeballs from say, the flicker of a Bunsen burner, with a softer, Laverne & Shirley tinted perspective.
com Get your bunsen burner at the ready because this American site not only explains a whole world of experiments, but also tells you the best way to write up your reports.
The cover illustration for this funny, light novel consists of three panels of a comic strip, without words, telling the story of the first incident in Libby's life that she records in her blog: when her hair caught fire in chemistry class as she leaned too close to the Bunsen burner, distracted by her crush on Seth and her hatred of Angel Rodriguez.
Forrester said his personnel monitored the situation for about an hour and found out the Bunsen burner gas line at the school wasn't even activated.
I was the school frump and he teased me about my quilted anorak and blew the Bunsen burner in my face.
One of Otway's more inspired stunts saw him roar into the top 10 with Bunsen Burner, and make a return to TV's Top Of The Pops.
Jim Bolger runs two here, including the consistent Bunsen Burner, while Curragh trainer Mick Halford also has the consistent SoapWars in the field.
Otway is probably best known for his 2002 song Bunsen Burner.
The singer - who proudly boasts he's a two-hit wonder with (Cor Baby That's) Really Free (1977) and Bunsen Burner (2002) - plans to take 300 fans with him on a world tour.
At first I was able to use a Bunsen burner attached to my mother's gas stove, but the use of the kitchen as a laboratory came to an abrupt end.
The track they chose was Bunsen Burner and John booked the London Palladium on the night of the charts in anticipation of a celebration.
2 containers for heating: cooking pans or glass beakers * heat source: hot plate or Bunsen burner * tap water * thermometers * small aquatic plant from pet store * timer