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They were long-lasting buns, often hung-up to ward off evil spirits.
Softie bun choices include 'brownie bun', a warm chocolate chip brownie bun with chocolate softie, brownie crumbs and chocolate fudge; 'lotus bun', a warm lotus brioche bun with lotus softie, lotus crumbs and lotus spread; and 'cereal bun',a warm cereal brioche bun with cereal softie and crushed cereal.
Man buns are not easy to pull off - some manage it, but most don't," says Tariq Abdalla, a Palestinian designer in Dubai, 27.
The 'Posh' cross buns are made with indulgently sweet and rich brioche buns.
Asda, though, are convinced that in order to achieve a proper Saltire, the buns must be crossed in that fashion before baking.
She added: "It obviously means a lot to me because it was intended for my father, who adored Chelsea buns.
At that time and in early October 2015 when we checked White Castle's website, the bun on which it was served was not vegan.
Scientists at Alabama A&M University developed a hot dog bun using a composite blend of soy, white rice flour and hydrocolloids to organoleptically match the taste and appeal of wheat buns.
Slice the burger buns in half and place the cooked sliders on the bottom half of the bun.
The icing should be applied when the buns are hot and liberally so - this means that it sticks and dries and holds.
Lay the buns on silicone paper on a baking tray, with room for expansion.