bunny rabbit

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(usually informal) especially a young rabbit

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Subjects include the correct driving position with hands at 3 and 9 o'clock, as opposed to the most common seen in the UAE: the laid-back 'Italian' with one hand on the seat, the hunched-up 'bunny rabbit' with their chin over the wheel, or the 'dishwasher' who "waves the wheel this way and that with one hand", she said.
Too often, one such "surprise" is a velvet-eared, live bunny rabbit, adorably nestled among green plastic grass and pastel chocolate eggs.
Thing-Thing is "not quite a bunny rabbit, but not quite a dog either." He's some kind of stuffed animal that Mr.
"Do you think the bunny rabbit caused the thunder?"
Lisa is worried that Sam can't cope on his own, while Jack gives his marriage another go and Jamie and Louise bond over a search for a missing bunny rabbit.
Bunny Rabbit gets top billing, but what makes her shtick click is the integration of beats and sound collages courtesy of Black Cracker (alias spoken word artist Celena Glenn), her partner in life as well as art.
My favourite section has a picture of a little girl and her teddy bear and bunny rabbit looking up to the moon (which is smiling back at her) and an angel looking down on the little girl This picture is with a bedtime prayer.
The plate has a colorful border design surrounding a white bunny rabbit. Felissimo's Plate Project features designs and messages by celebrities and influential people, carrying wishes and inspirations for future generations.
Guess where the bunny rabbit is dreaming about lobster and lettuce.
The earthworms are a good idea, if you can get them without the rabbits, but don't mention bunny rabbit fur coats.
But eventually, like most people, I suppose, I grew accustomed to its face, and even developed a particular fondness for the opera house with its good acoustics, fine sight fines, and that odd curtain with what has always looked to me to be a bunny rabbit motif on it.
Works on display included dioramas and sculptures of make-believe animals, such as a "bunkey" -- a bunny rabbit and monkey -- and a "powl," a peacock-owl.
And apparently when tucking into a chocolate bunny rabbit, 76% of people bite the ears off first.
votive with Happy Easter on reverse, set of three, PS24, Beaumonde.co.uk Swirly bling bunny plate, edged in 22 carat gold, from PS36 to PS66, Rory Dobner (rory dobner.com) Felt hanging egg bunny rabbit, PS2.50, John Lewis (johnlewis.com) Sitting hare in green, PS54, Out There Interiors (outthere interiors.com) *Prices correct at time of going to print.
To use one of the Snapchat filters that turns you into an adorable dog or bunny rabbit you used to have to press and hold your finger on the screen until it recognized your face.