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Synonyms for bunny

a young waitress in a nightclub whose costume includes the tail and ears of a rabbit


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(usually informal) especially a young rabbit

References in classic literature ?
I might even have had a turn, if only I had been less uneasy about you, Bunny."
"Come, come, Bunny, there wasn't much inveigling about it," said he.
Well, Bunny, if they don't want you there, there's a little Inferno in the Albany where you will be as welcome as ever
"I'm afraid you must be famishing, Bunny. It's a fact that I eat very little, and that at odd hours, but I ought not to have forgotten you.
"Not much change in the old hole, Bunny. More of these magic-lantern advertisements .
And there's the old club, getting put into a crate for the Jubilee; by Jove, Bunny, we ought to be there.
"Bunny, stand by me," said he in the old irresistible voice, a voice both stern and winning.
"Duplicate boxes, my brainy Bunny. One was already packed and weighted, and in my pocket.
Meanwhile, Bunny, I may call upon you to dispose of the boodle."
'The Ides of March, the Ides of March, remember.' Eh, Bunny, my boy?
A fog may be a bore to you and me, Bunny, but it's a perfect godsend to the criminal classes, especially so late in their season.
Not a sound, Bunny! We'll startle the life out of him.
"Good old Bunny," he murmured, holding the lantern for one moment to my face; the next he was explaining his plans, and I was nodding, as though we had been fellow-cracksmen all our days.
But it makes a noise, and this is where you're coming in, Bunny; this is where I couldn't do without you.
"No, Bunny, I never thought of it till I saw that upper part empty about a month ago, and bought a few things in the shop to get the lie of the land.