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Synonyms for bunkum

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Synonyms for bunkum

unacceptable behavior (especially ludicrously false statements)

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I see nothing entertaining what so ever regarding these TV soaps, they are utter trash and bunkum in my opinion.
Tell me where the money's hidden!" The medium said, "I couldn't make demands of spirit and that she was just showing her difficult personality." Bunkum!
Citizens also raised concerns over the potential odor resulting from the station, the increase in traffic on Bunkum Road and how it would affect school bus routes.
In self-defense, Walker explained that he had done what his constituents expected of him, which was "to make a speech for Buncombe." Whether or not this story is true, bunkum has remained thoroughly entrenched in American English.
Mantais Hostel Bunkum oedd y ffaith fod yr Oriel Gelf Hunterian dafliad potel ddwr poeth i ffwrdd, ac roedd bychander hon yn rhan o''i hapel.
Or "nonsense": eyewash, poppycock, claptrap, drivel, gibberish, gobbledegook, rot, hogwash, flapdoodle, bosh, bunkum, hokum, bilge, balderdash, twaddle, tommyrot, rubbish, garbage, pishtosh, humbug, and fiddle-laddie.
He has told us that all this talk about education being the key to many of our problems is bunkum.
He first caught our attention in BBC2's excellent This Life, went on to Teachers, then some baffling bunkum called Afterlife.
Forget all the bunkum about carbon this, that and the other, and dire warning of global warming.
So don't believe the new car bunkum - for used car buyers, low depreciation is bad, high depreciation is good.
But that instructively entertaining volume paints a panoramic canvas of the historical enterprises discussed as bunkum (variously deception or self-deception, but bunkum throughout).
But Harvey Mattinson, a senior consultant at the IT security arm of GCHQ, the Government's listening station, said such claims were "absolute bunkum".
"It's all bunkum when these young men say they were only carrying blades for their own protection - it's just a status thing - they swagger around thinking they are above the law."
As for doing covers, what bunkum! The only, well known, cover was Here Comes The Sun (written by George Harrison).
Bond is bunkum! He's a genuine spy in the same way that Mickey Mouse is a real-life rodent, or Ruby Wax is a proper comedienne.