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a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property

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Rhyfedd rhywsut, achos mae Bunko yn son am ei brofiad yn tyfu fyny ym Merthyr, a fod dangos diddordeb mewn llyfrau, y theatr neu yfed gwin yn ddigon o reswm i rhywun gael ei guro gan hogia eraill.
Aoyamadai Bunko, located in Suita City, a suburb of Osaka, offers twice-a-month book-reading sessions for families with infants.
Negotiations with Boeing on the current contract are ongoing while we continue to look at other provider options," said Air Force spokeswoman Major Tracy Bunko.
1) Murakami personally wrote the narrations for the TV commercials based on his book "What I Talk about When Talking about Running: A Memoir" (available as a paperback book in the Bunshun Bunko series).
The Memoirs of the Research Department of Toyo Bunko 51 (1993): 4-5.
Also the author of A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Rule the Future, Free Agent Nation, and The Adventures of Johnny Bunko, Pink's thinking is reshaping how organizations operate and how individuals navigate their careers.
Dominican postulant Karen Kysely plays bunko with Sr.
Hugh Laurie: The Biography, by Anthony Bunko (John Blake, pounds 19.
CELEBRITYHugh Laurie: The Biography, by Anthony Bunko (John Blake, pounds 19.
The women played Bunko every Thursday night, and even our dogs were all friends.
29) Tsunehiko Yui, "Kenkyu Noh-Toh: Meiji-Ki Mitsui Bussan no Kei'Ei Sha (Jyo), 4 Watanabe Senjiro" [Research note: The managers of the Mitsui trading company in the Meiji period, part I, section 4, Senjiro Watanabe], Mitsui Bunko Ronso [The Journal of the Mitsui Research Institute for Social and Economic History, Tokyo] 41 (Dec.
The Happiness Realization Party has fielded Bunko Kato, a 47-year-old local official of the party, in Kanagawa, and Hisshou Yauchi, 48, an advisor to the party, in Shizuoka.
Zosho Mokuroku (Kichoshiryo): Ohki Korekushon: Nannki Ongaku Bunko [Catalogue of Rare Books and Notes: The Ohki Collection, Nanki Music Library] (Tokyo: Tokyo Ongaku Bunka Senta, 1970).
Two popular e-book viewers widely used on PCs or mobile phones in Japan - BunkoViewer (XMDF format; bunko refers to library in Japanese) and T-Time (.