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a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property

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Bunko, as he's known locally, hopes to put the town on the theatre map.
With the Morrison Collection, comprising 23,000 books, forming its core, the Toyo Bunko (or "Oriental Library") was established in 1924; currently Minoru Makihara, special consultant for the Mitsubishi Corporation and a relative of the Iwasaki family, is serving as chair of the board.
Fushimi expressed awareness of this ambiguity, stating, "at Dengeki Bunko, it is very difficult to directly write an exhilarating story where everything is decided and people rush down a forbidden path" (Notof and Kazu) (2d).
Incident photon to current conversion efficiency (IPCE) was measured using a SM-250 DAM (Bunko Keiki Ltd.).
The book is now ranked 8th on the overall Oricon bunko (trade paperback) book chart, reports Anime News Network.
(6) Michael Vickery, Society, economics, and politics in Pre-Angkor Cambodia: The 7th-8th centuries (Tokyo: Centre for East Asian Cultural Studies for Unesco; Toyo Bunko, 1998).
Gwr o'r enw Anthony Bunko ddaeth a'r achos yma i'm sylw.
Bunk is probably short for bunkum, though it has likely been influenced by bunco (or bunko), a word that developed in the late 19 th century in reference to rigged games of chance.
This is an unjustifiable leap of faith to benefit those who have proven unworthy of such trust, and who will pretend to stand for anything you might fall for as part of their bunko game.
One manuscript is preserved in the Musashino Ongaku Bunko, in Tokyo.
(2002): Seichou no Asia, Teitai no Asia [Crecimiento y estancamiento en Asia], Koudansha Cakujyutsu Bunko, Tokyo.
There was consideration of consolidating landing, refurbishment and launch operations at KSC or at the neighboring Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in an effort to save money, Major Tracy Bunko - then posted at the Pentagon's Air Force press desk - said at the time.
(1994), Chumon no oi ryoriten, Tokyo: Shincho Bunko.