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someone who occupies the same sleeping quarters as yourself

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I want him to notice the perfect circle of the head I have drawn, I want him to notice the perfect proportions of the squeezed-shut eyes, the heroic realism of the hanging man I drew because my youngest bunkmate couldn't guess my word because I never picked one.
When faced with her physically attractive (crooked pinkies aside) bunkmate Sarina, for example, Bitty Jack feels her own deficiencies in comparison: "She wondered if she would ever outgrow what her mama called her awkward stage.
His bunkmate during the war was movie star Tyrone Power.
She managed to escape after promising not to tell anyone, but her bunkmate suspected something was wrong and clarified the victim's story and transferred her to the medical staff.
Having shed its publishing and cable divisions, to say nothing of its former bunkmate, AOL, Time Warner is skinnier than it has been in decades.
He climbed back into his own, the top tier of three, and received a half-hearted punch in the temple from his bunkmate Klaus Dieter, who had been apprehended on a train with mildly seditious papers and whose body smelled of wasting disease even at its cleanest and who attacked his fellow man only when deeply asleep.
In fact, my "bunkmate" had two mountain lions come in to his waterhole during one week of hunting Coues deer in Mexico.
(56) Due to the prison's limited ability to observe the inmates, Deblasio was repeatedly raped by his bunkmate. (57) As a result, DeBlasio contracted HIV.
Inside the grave, the camper's bunkmate, Dillon, was a little peeved.
From left, recruits Rob-drick Robinson, Fisher and Christopher Wegner talk with Fisher's bunkmate about his behavior June 23, 2007.
(12) During Joe's flight training a bunkmate had accused him of being a German spy.
If you have a bunkmate, take turns checking the back of your bodies.
However, during his incarceration, shoddy workmanship on the part of his loathed bunkmate and immediate superior Arnold Rimmer led to a radiation leak that wiped out the entire crew.