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Synonyms for hostel

cheap hotel


Synonyms for hostel

a hotel providing overnight lodging for travelers

inexpensive supervised lodging (especially for youths on bicycling trips)

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Prattshayes Bunkhouse, in Exmouth, is on the first floor of a converted farm building.
The bunkhouse and the bothies would be heated with ground source heat pumps and would create three jobs.
Discreet joint owners Ann, 56, and Andy, 51, last night said they were considering renaming the five-bedroom bunkhouse in honour of their Royal guest.
Supported by logs chained together, the float camp consists of a cook house, single loggers' bunkhouses, mobile home for families, a 2,250-square foof hand-made home for the boss and his family, seperate plastic greenhouses, storage sheds, a float plane-even a school for the
Nearly pounds 120,000 in funding from One North East's Rural Development Programme for England kick-started the project to transform a redundant farm building into the Lookout bunkhouse with features including cooking facilities and room servicing.
Their plays will at the Bunkhouse hostel and bar venue in the centre of Cardiff.
The Bunkhouse closed in 1973, but in response to requests from our friends in Guisborough it was re-opened on April 13 last year, and I now help to run it with our resident drummer Ian Aitken, his wife Marlyn and my wife Pat.
They say the dormer-style, 17.7 metre-long bunkhouse will improve the attractiveness of the coastal route to visitors, help fill a gap in the budget accommodation market and support sustainable tourism.
Hugh Hopkins, agent for Angela Brown, who owns the house and bunkhouse, said there wasn't a road for 12 miles.
It also failed to secure another permit to construct a bunkhouse, he added.
A FORMER Gwynedd golf club - that closed down last year after 120 years - is to become a bunkhouse for visitors.
De Jesus, for her part said, "The government has money to spend R200 million on substandard bunkhouses that will benefit only 100 families at an overpriced cost of one million pesos for every substandard bunkhouse unit.
A lot of great acts visited the Bunkhouse: Phil Brady and the Ranchers, Frank Yonco, Little Ginny, the Larry Hinchcliffe Trio, Strutt and Knowles, Amos Fitzberry and the Bluegrass Ramblers, Louisville Burglars and Mel Hague, Ken and Billie Ford, plus a host of others too numerous to mention.
For the last 16 years a bunkhouse in the College Valley in the Cheviots has been operated by Pauline and Edward Baker.