bunker mentality

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defensiveness resulting from repeated attacks

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The paranoia and bunker mentality being displayed by Theresa May is quite disturbingCatherine McKinnell
The infamous bunker mentality is an illegitimate, but expected, offspring of that settlement strategy.
It means that there's a certain sort of bunker mentality in London government in our dealing with Treasury and central government.
The world will be left bereft of a political big brother, leaving countries susceptible to developing a bunker mentality.
Businesses are expanding again, as opposed to the last couple of years where most businesses had a bunker mentality," Hanley said.
After being bludgeoned by the worldwide economic funk for the last two years, suppliers to this industry seem anxious to move away from the bunker mentality that seemed to grip many.
In the past couple of years he became a leader increasingly detached from his own party, adopting a bunker mentality unsure of who he could trust.
In the past, many companies went into a bunker mentality during an economic downturn and made the mistake of slashing marketing budgets," says Michael Dalton Johnson, publisher and founder of SalesDog.
They live in a bunker mentality," he said of the ruling generals.
It goes without saying that until savings, unemployment and foreclosures stop climbing, credit-constrained consumers will retain a bunker mentality.
For Kramer of Village Residents Alliance, the bunker mentality of the school's top brass, who reportedly shut off elevator access to the floor containing high level administrative offices, has led the school to be even more tight-lipped than usual.
Whether the issue is climate change, industry profitability, exposure limits to silica or ergonomics (to name just a few), we have developed a bunker mentality in which we arm up for a war with our perceived enemies (OSHA, EPA, government and our customers) rather than sit down at a table and reason with them.
9] Never have a bunker mentality when it comes to any crisis.
Oregon dug a bit deeper into college football's bunker mentality.
Police stations used to be grim, fortress-like structures that deliberately kept their distance from the communities they served, and though much has changed, Makeka has had to address a bunker mentality that insisted on keeping budgets low and that could not, for instance, see the need for decent fixtures and fittings.