bunker mentality

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defensiveness resulting from repeated attacks

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Despite the decent food, the bars and tennis courts, the oppressive bunker mentality means residents constantly fear an attack is never far away.
CROWD PLEASER: Padraig Harrington demonstrates his bunker mentality to an impressed gallery at the 7th hole
During a visit to Homerton Hospital in East London, Labour leader Ed Miliband accused Mr Cameron of having a "bunker mentality" on the NHS.
BUNKER MENTALITY: Montgomerie plays out of a sand trap
Not even AVB (below) really believes the Press are out to get him - but he's trying to create the kind of bunker mentality that has served Manchester United so well for years.
WHETHER Celtic's new "chip on the shoulder" attitude is justified is open to debate - but these days they seem determined to adopt a bunker mentality.
One said "He is suffering from the same bunker mentality that Margaret Thatcher was accused of when she put the railings up."
The Tory leader misjudged the mood of the disgruntled workforce, developing a bunker mentality which weakens his grip on reality.
Far from being infected by that disease of all Prime Ministers, the Bunker Mentality brought on by being surrounded by sycophantic "yes men" telling them how wonderful they are, Mr Blair has a trio of pals prepared to shoot from the lip.
The Tory leader misjudged the mood of the nation's workforce, developing a bunker mentality which weakens his grip on reality.
Len McCluskey, Unite's assistant general secretary, said: "This bunker mentality suggests that the true objective is not cutting costs, but crushing the workforce."
He can also use City's perceived injustice after the derby to create a bunker mentality at the club which makes his players determined to go out and prove a point every time they play.
but there's still a lot of people saying, 'let's not overreact.' We need to deal with the facts, and we can't allow ourselves to get into a bunker mentality. It's not healthy."
But a source said there was "unanimous support" for Baroness Hayter, who was sacked as Brexit spokeswoman for comparing the "bunker mentality" of Mr Corbyn's inner circle to the "last days of Hitler".
I recalled the piece last week when Labour's shadow Brexit minister, Baroness Hayter, likened the "bunker mentality" around Jeremy Corbyn's leadership to the "last days of Hitler".