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Synonyms for bunker

a hazard on a golf course

a large container for storing fuel

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a fortification of earth

hit a golf ball into a bunker

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fill (a ship's bunker) with coal or oil

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transfer cargo from a ship to a warehouse

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References in classic literature ?
"An' me on a wunter passage, blowin' a luvin' gale half the time, wuth hurricane force in atweenwhiles, an' hove to sux days, wuth engines stopped an' bunker coal runnun' short, an' me wuth a mate thot stupid he could no pass a shup's light ot night wi'out callun' me tull the brudge.
An' ut was ot Comox, takun' un bunker coal, I got the letter from the owners.
'Twas at Portland, loadun' cargo un fresh watter an' goin' tull Comox tull load bunker coal un salt watter.
And the cities, bright with lights, were as shops on these long streets--shops where business was transacted, where bunkers were replenished, cargoes taken or shifted, and orders received from the owners in London town to go elsewhere and beyond, ever along the long sea- lanes, seeking new cargoes here, carrying new cargoes there, running freights wherever shillings and pence beckoned and underwriters did not forbid.
He felt so much shaken for a moment that he dared not move for fear of "taking charge again." He had no mind to get battered to pieces in that bunker.
Its howls and shrieks seemed to take on, in the emptiness of the bunker, something of the human character, of human rage and pain -- being not vast but infinitely poignant.
And he discovered in himself a desire for a light, too -if only to get drowned by -- and a nervous anxiety to get out of that bunker as quickly as possible.
Mind that manhole lid, sir," they lowered him into the bunker. The boatswain tumbled down after him, and as soon as he had picked himself up he remarked, "She would say, 'Serve you right, you old fool, for going to sea.'"
I meant to be as steady as Bunker Hill Monument; but here I am again, worse than ever, for last quarter I did n't say anything to father, he was so bothered by the loss of those ships just then, so things have mounted up confoundedly."
I was an officer in Chicago before ever I came to this darned coal bunker, and I know a Chicago crook when I see one."
See the great ball which they roll from Baltimore to Bunker hill!
But the captain touched there only to replenish his coal bunkers, and that was but a day's job.
He executed the maneuver, Saxon obeyed, and found herself sitting beside him on the opposite side of the boat, while the boat itself, on the other tack, was heading toward Long Wharf where the coal bunkers were.
They were now off the coal bunkers of Long Wharf, and the boy put the skiff about, heading toward San Francisco.
They'd burnt the round house, set fire to the coal bunkers, and made a scandal of the repair shops.