bunk off

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play truant from work or school

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Maybe the freshest one of the Mullins team is Bunk Off Early, who started 6-1 for the Supreme last season.
The 46-year-old said: "I told my daughter that she could not bunk off school to get a wristband and she was heartbroken.
So children please takemy advice Don'twaste your time fooling, and laughing Never ever "bunk off school" and apply Yourselves to Latin!
By working together, we can hopefully help change the habits of children who regularly bunk off."
According to Mr Smail, one of the biggest problems was with so-called condoned truancy, where pupils bunk off with parental knowledge.
So phone in sick, take a holiday day, bunk off university and school and get there if you can.
Mr Hood said: 'The high number of people planning to bunk off work during Euro 2004 is certainly concerning for small businesses.
Armed with a suitably juvenile sense of humour, Juvenile sense of humour, Jacob Tremblay, Brady Noon and Keith L Williams play the 12-year-old boys who bunk off school to shout and swear their way across town in order to recover Max's dad's drone they borrowed, while chased by a pair of older teen girls whose drugs they've inadvertently stolen.
?Navan's super-stiff finish proved too much for the wellfancied Bunk Off Early in the mile handicap.
The two North East siblings could make history to become the first in Britain to be jailed for letting their children bunk off school.
A MOTHER has narrowly escaped being jailed after letting her two children bunk off school.
Boys are more likely to truant than girls andkids on free meals are twice as likely to bunk off. Pupils also missed a further 645,000 school days because they were taken on holiday by their parents in term time.
But the authority echoed a Government warning toparents who allow their children to bunk off school.
They've spent millions but still ministers estimate that as many as 50,000 children may bunk off on any one day.
WESTLIFE'S appearance at a record store has been blasted by education chiefs who fear it encourages pupils to bunk off school.