bunk off

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play truant from work or school

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The 46-year-old said: "I told my daughter that she could not bunk off school to get a wristband and she was heartbroken.
FASTTRACK prosecution of parents who let their kids bunk off - with a maximum three months' jail or pounds 2,500 fine.
Around 50,000 children bunk off lessons every day and the Government is determined to slash that rate.
But with dad Phil pushing 'sons' Jay and Ben to go back to school to get a bit of normality back into their lives, Ben decides to intercept his psychiatric report from postman Masood and use it to bunk off.
The new way of life: Bunk off school, watch live streaming of Big Brother on E4, go on Big Brother, get paid a fortune for doing nothing, retire at 25.
The two North East siblings could make history to become the first in Britain to be jailed for letting their children bunk off school.
A MOTHER has narrowly escaped being jailed after letting her two children bunk off school.
But the authority echoed a Government warning toparents who allow their children to bunk off school.
If only you could bunk off, without blotting your copybook.
They've spent millions but still ministers estimate that as many as 50,000 children may bunk off on any one day.
WESTLIFE'S appearance at a record store has been blasted by education chiefs who fear it encourages pupils to bunk off school.
The Prime Minister was stunned by figures which showed eight out of 10 children who bunk off are with their parents.
In his final annual report before retiring as chief inspector, Mike Tomlinson had a tough lesson for parents who allowed their children to bunk off school - they were damaging the futures of their sons and daughters.
KEVIN PIETERSEN returned to action with a low-key turn out for Surrey only to be dismissed by a 19-yearold who has to bunk off early to go on a field trip.
Linda Davison is yet to face magistrates for allegedly letting her 14-year-old son Mark bunk off school.