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In the winter, he'd climb under the fence and bunk down in the pool house at Beaver Brook.
The Caribbean-themed hotel boasts tropical rooms as well as all-new Pirate rooms for you and your shipmates to bunk down in.
When the four grandchildren, ages eleven to two, arrive, they bunk down in a charming nautical-themed bedroom all their own.
At $85 a day, demand has surged for the jail's pay-to-stay program after errant celebrities Kiefer Sutherland and Gary Collins recently picked the site to bunk down in.
The four bunk down together in the same makeshift dorm, and Wang Zhengguo is made class monitor by school head Kong (Zhao Cunli), his original teacher.
A new bridge to handle the expected mining activity at Northgate's Young-Davidson project is under construction, contractors and heavy equipment are being mobilized, and incoming workers are searching for places to bunk down.
Particularly affecting is a scene when the father plays a game of imagination with his son to convince him to bunk down in a subway toilet for the night when they can't get into a homeless shelter.
Ask about special sleepover programs offered at such museums as the Vancouver Aquarium, Toronto's Ontario Science Centre and the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta, where you can bunk down in the dinosaur gallery and watch for T.
The shipmates will undergo a weekend of practical sailing sessions with a qualified member of the ship's crew, as they learn the ropes and bunk down with the team to get a flavour of real life on board ship.
Maybe bosom buddy Kieron Dyer has offered him his spare room to bunk down in?
I've kept daugher Kate's bedroom just as it was though, so she can come and bunk down with us any time she wants.
THEMED HOLIDAYS RANCH AMERICA: Ranch America (01923 671831) offers eight-day/seven-night stay at ranch in Wilkieup, Arizona, for pounds 1,295, incl 'nights on the range' where visitors bunk down in cow camps, tents and bunkhouses.
Carol McGeorge said the couple's 19-year-old son was checking with his apartment manager to see if the couple could bunk down with him for a week.
Where everybody is going to bunk down in Rosie's two bedroom, fourth-floor housing association flat in Glasgow's Govanhill is something of a mystery as her two teenage daughters Nicola and Susanne also live there.
As the Japanese submarines eased up the Hawaiian coast, the American fleet was getting ready to bunk down for the night-unaware that the enemy was at such close quarters.