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beds built one above the other


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SOLID PINE BUNK BEDS Atlantis white finish wooden triple sleeper bed frame, happybeds.co.uk, from PS329.99
While having an extension cord is important for having those electronics in a bunk bed, there will also be dorm storage solutions that are necessary for storing those electronics.
Ciprian raced upstairs to find his son "trapped in the slats at the side of the homemade cabin bunk bed", yesterday's hearing at Teesside Coroner's Court heard.
"Every year many white collar workers fall from bunk beds and suffer from lacerations, sprains and fractures.
Collateral for the loan is a 16,835-square-foot industrial/retail building including a 5,800-square-foot office component, located at 5801 and 5845 Northern Freeway in Houston, utilized by Sleep Shop Super Store & Bunk Bed World as a retail furniture outlet and warehouse.
Sharjah: In a freak accident, a man fell to death from his third-floor window after rolling off his bunk bed in a labour accommodation in Sharjah on Tuesday.
But one fateful night, he fell from the bunk bed in his labour camp.
WHY: The bunk bed can be assembled incorrectly, creating a space that exceeds the 1.88 inches allowed by the industry standard, posing an entrapment hazard to young children.
A man found guilty of attempting to commit suicide by hanging himself from a bunk bed has been spared jail.
My daughter bought a bunk bed from Argos a few years ago.
The rooms will have two single beds or a bunk bed in each room and will "provide a range of benefits to its occupants," a spokesman said.
But nothing brings it home like sitting on a bunk bed, bumping knees with your fellow jailbirds and having a flashlight shone in your eyes while someone in the nest bunk composes a letter home to Mom.
On the bunk bed was a photograph of Clare Louise Ashcroft's two children along with notes to them.
The authors have substantiated their observations with two cases - one of a four-year-old girl who had struck her head on the wooden leg of a bunk bed and then onto the carpeted floor after falling to the floor from a height of about four feet, and the second of a 2 1/2-year-old girl who fell from a bunk bed.