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Synonyms for bungling

Synonyms for bungling

showing lack of skill or aptitude

lacking physical movement skills, especially with the hands

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Raymond McV Mc eighty, for Hill, said "Veighty, for Hill, said "V "is was clearly an ill-thought out, bungling and amateurish piece of burglary.
The UK's pensions minister, Steve Webb, has opined that pension funds need to be protected from bungling bankers' actions.
Or were they a bunch of bungling buffoons who could not even manage to smuggle their ill gotten gains outside the Durham City boundary?
WRONG MOVE: Two of three bungling raiders who were caught when their bid to tow a cash machine to a getaway car ended in farce
BEHIND BARS: Cody Taylor has to stay in hospital because of bungling power bosses Picture: ANDREW YATES
With crass bungling on this scale it is no wonder that local authorities have a reputation for pettiness.
At last, computer gamers worldwide can once again come to the aid of Roger Wilco, the bungling star of the Space Quest series.
BUNGLING Boris does it again, claiming there is no reason for Scotland to have more devolved powers if there is a No vote.
Michael Caine stars as a wide-boy, plotting the perfect robbery with a small team of dedicated but bungling cohorts.
The bungling thief was traced using the equipment's GPS system - and was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, suspended for a year.
I READ with horror the reports that pounds 22m of dental care resources have gone unspent because of bungling by Labour's assembly government.
A BUNGLING council displayed a helpful Braille sign - behind GLASS.
BUNGLING road painters caused chaos at a busy city centre office block after accidentally erasing a loading bay used by delivery lorries.
The Government was last night accused of bungling the whole process of carrying out background security checks on care staff, agency nurses and school governors after it announced it was delaying a requirement for workers to undergo them for up to 21 months.
Navy's bungling of the rescue and its shameful scapegoating of Captain McVay.