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Synonyms for bungling

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Synonyms for bungling

showing lack of skill or aptitude

lacking physical movement skills, especially with the hands

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The company officials have denied any responsibility of the bungling and said that the problem lied with the process of evaluation, and not with the technological process of publishing the results.
Clarence Forrest, Luke Hill and Gary Slater's break-in bid was dubbed "ill-thought out, bungling and amateurish" at Birmingham Crown Court.
And now we have the ugly sight of the coalition ripping itself apart, blaming each other for their bungling mishandling of the flood crisis.
The UK's pensions minister, Steve Webb, has opined that pension funds need to be protected from bungling bankers' actions.
WRONG MOVE: Two of three bungling raiders who were caught when their bid to tow a cash machine to a getaway car ended in farce
The thriller part follows the CIA's bungling of the assassination of a trio committed to revenging the Munich Olympic killings; Hannah Stern escapes and manages to find Nicholai Hel, retired international master assassin, in his Basque highland chateau.
But bungling power chiefs have failed to install a guaranteed supply line to her family's home.
Police in trench coats arrive on the scene, bungling their investigation yet finding a credible culprit; at the end a merman in a wheelchair restores good feelings with a consoling speech.
Today we reveal a mind-boggling catalogue of errors, bungling incompetence and basic failures of communication.
In View From the Top he plays a unseasoned gay male flight attendant named Randy who befriends several bungling wanna-be stewardesses, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Christina Applegate, in the hope of malting it big in the realm of international first-class flights.
But while the pensioner loses his life no-one in this bungling hospital loses so much as a day's pay.
With crass bungling on this scale it is no wonder that local authorities have a reputation for pettiness.
BUNGLING Boris does it again, claiming there is no reason for Scotland to have more devolved powers if there is a No vote.
BUNGLING Iain Duncan Smith spent PS1million a week drafting in private contractors and extra staff last year to rescue his benefits overhaul.
But a mixture of bravado and bungling has been the recurrent theme surrounding the theft, and later recovery, of treasures from the Oriental Museum in Durham.