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spoiled through incompetence or clumsiness


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Perhaps more than anything else, the word "bungled" revealed Williams' willingness to mislead his listeners in order to save face.
Summary: A 22-year-old Taiwanese man who stabbed a nurse during a bungled robbery last week has been arrested after returning to the crime scene to profess his love for her, police said Monday.
Collins Stewart banking analyst Alex Potter said: "Management have bungled here."
The change to the dentists' contract was bungled by Westminster.
Lee Hamilton is a very conscientious man, and many conscientious Americans--even those who think that the war was wrong or that we have totally bungled the occupation--believe we must stay in Iraq until there is a right time to leave.
Everyone ought to cry after they see Spike Lee's When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts, the powerful HBO documentary about the federally bungled disaster in the Gulf states in August and September 2005.
ANTI-TERROR cops are still searching for a cyanide bomb almost two months after the bungled Forest Gate raid.
That confrontation--which started with a bungled ATF raid and ended with a firestorm--was the deadliest law enforcement operation in U.S.
I have to declare an interest in that the new Supporto people are sending me a couple of bits of industrial strength Velcro and some instructions for DIYing a recent bungled 'professional' repadding.
STOP EXPLOITATION OF BUNGLED ORDERS (The Daily Yomiuri as translated from the Yomiuri Shimbun)
Most who have read anything at all about the war know of the red-trousered 54th Massachusetts Infantry and the sadly bungled Battle of the Crater.
As a result of a bungled physics experiment, Israeli scientist Ari Kazan and his wife Rivka, find themselves back in time during the era of the Jerusalem Church, 57 A.D.
In addition to the sculpture park, the zoo also offers the Bungled Jungle, featuring fantasy-like creatures sculpted by Pat Landreth and Suzanne Montano.
Meanwhile, JPL engineers are coming up with explanations for the bungled mission.
Because public relations is so public, goofs and gaffes frequently are exposed to the world, buck naked in bright lights of media that delight in flubs and foibles, especially when it involves bungled PR.