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an elasticized rope


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However, Gaston's more ominous symbols become more accurate predictors of the fate of Bonaduce's "happy family" plan, like the long-dead air freshener in his car, or Margaret's gift of the misnamed dream-catcher for his room window that catches only nightmares, or the rotting drywall in the old house's lone bathroom, or the impulse purchase of a Christmas tree, bungeed to his car's roof, still on the car when Bonaduce rolls it into the ravine at novel's end.
Guests at the event enjoyed performances of favorite 70's tunes from Donna Summers and other diva look- alikes, an aerial performance by bungeed dancers, and took photos with the Bay City Kittys.
But when it was all over, when the crowd had filed outside to their waiting parents and the stage had been bungeed clean of sweat, I couldn't help but think that it couldn't last.
It can be framed in 2 x 4 and hinged or bungeed on each side, top and bottom.
Also taking part for Daisy Chain was Scott Hulme, 23, a customer sales adviser from Oxbridge in Stockton, who bungeed twice dressed as a monkey.