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an elasticized rope


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Monday morning would be for sleeping through the crows' caws, and a leisurely pack-up before we hooked and bungeed our bikes to a car for the ride home.
We didnAAEt have time to ride, so we bungeed our bikes to the roof of a taxi.
And, when traveling in our toy hauler, we can leave our lift fully extended, bungeed down, and take off.
However, Gaston's more ominous symbols become more accurate predictors of the fate of Bonaduce's "happy family" plan, like the long-dead air freshener in his car, or Margaret's gift of the misnamed dream-catcher for his room window that catches only nightmares, or the rotting drywall in the old house's lone bathroom, or the impulse purchase of a Christmas tree, bungeed to his car's roof, still on the car when Bonaduce rolls it into the ravine at novel's end.
She took in his leather jacket, studded with military pins, and the American flag bungeed to the back of his seat, and then, solemnly, nodded her head and started to applaud.
When we return at the end of the day, buckets and boxes of junk bungeed down in the bed of the truck, the shadows are just as long but stretch in the other direction.