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an elasticized rope


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Kathryn feels the force of the bungee rope Echo reporter Kathryn Williams tries out some unusual skills with the Nofitstate Circus in the Big Top at Cardiff Bay PICTURES: Andrew James [umlaut] Kathryn starts her day at the circus with a bit of basic juggling
Coroner Sean Cannon was told the globe was attached to a crane which was to raise it to 40 metres with Emma harnessed beneath as she tested the bungee ropes.
The Axvall chair may look like a collection of twisted metal and bungee ropes, but itAEs surprisingly comfortable to sit on.
After a day's cycling, dancing, football, swimming and being suspended from the ceiling on bungee ropes, Badger Watch* on the TV is all the visual stimulation your mind can take.
Acrobats and dancers appeared on wires or bungee ropes from the roof and it was a riot of colour and music.
Worse than the audience are the dancers - gangly, stick insects in glittery body stockings who look as though they're suspended by bungee ropes in the last stages of twang, and sport permanent smirks on their faces, even while they're fighting for breath.
No, the people hanging around at Archaos, Glasgow's self-appointed `superclub', do it on the end of bungee ropes. And believe me, they do it well.
If you were less serious about hard science and hot spots, there were bungee ropes and go-karts.
The ride uses bungee ropes to throw punters skywards at high speed before they bounce up and down.
One of his more unusual activities is when he uses a special harness attached to the ceiling with bungee ropes, which is aimed at improving his balance.