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an elasticized rope


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But I wanted to do it as a charity event, and make sure I'm on a bungee rope!" Dave, who lives in Marton, has managed to track down Mr McAllister's death certificate which listed him as a general labourer of Washington Street in Middlesbrough.
To mark the announcement at their T Wrexham headquarters a Santa plunged from a giant crane on a bungee rope. He was joined on the day by brave workers who also had the opportunity to take the plunge.
Some of the bizarre ceremonies have seen couples getting married underwater, at the end of a bungee rope and at the North Pole, the Daily Star reported.
Now they will have to make do with a swine substitute - an in-flatable lifebuoy attached to a bungee rope.
Summary: A woman survived after her bungee rope snapped, sending her plunging into the Zambezi River at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.
Visitors to Talisman Square will have a chance to hitch themselves to a bungee rope as part of the fun fund-raiser next Saturday from 10am to 3pm.
"They might have to attach me to a bit of bungee rope to keep me off the pitch," said the former Sunderland captain, who played 388 times for the club during a distinguished career in the North-East.
Risking the bungee rope may not be a good idea for a player who most believe is favourite for the Lions No 7 jersey against the All Blacks.
Of course, as you freefall down through an Australian forest towards a fast approaching pond, the last thing on your mind tends to be: 'I do hope that young man who tied me to the bungee rope has got his safety certificates up to date.' Indeed, once you have made the decision to embark on such activity, personal safety rarely enters the equation.
LUCKY Anton Murtagh narrowly escaped death when his bungee rope snapped - sending him plunging into the water 150ft below.
Congo Bongo is a giant indoor playground for children, featuring a climbing wall, trampoline and bungee rope, video games,and an elaborate tunnel system.
At first, it appeared he had pulled off the trick with the use of a bungee rope and a cameo appearance from TV magician Derren Brown hypnotising Watson, played by Martin Freeman.
"Isn't that simply suicide for really indecisive people?" "Mind you," I added, "bungee rope - that takes me back."
But even Richard Kettlewell is unsure how he will handle his latest task - plunging 300ft on a bungee rope.