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an elasticized rope


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The Yjumper Pro team developed a prototype which uses a three point slackline bungee cord / cage connection to provide a new kind of powerful trampoline.
Villar sued EPIC, contending that the rolling staircase, tarp, and bungee cords, allegedly supplied by EPIC, were defective.
In addition to its strength, the fibres also show very high damping capacity, meaning that they can absorb large amounts of energy, similar to a bungee cord. There are very few synthetic fibres which have this capacity, but high damping is one of the special characteristics of spider silk.
The bungee trampolines launch thrill-seeking youngsters up high for brilliant views across the surf lagoon before pulling them back down to the trampoline with bungee cords.
"The prototype casts are tied with bungee cords, which make them easier to get on and off."
I've tried ropes, old tires, lumber and bungee cords. None of these items was able to stand up to storms, they were time-consuming to install and remove, and I always ended up with a tarp blowing in the wind.
TitanStraps[R] don't use hooks, making them safer than typical bungee cords.
We're talking rubber bands, bungee cords, bookends and even those old paint chips you've squirreled away from your last do-it-yourself project.
Based on its shape, this heliotail is squeezed and rotated slightly by the interstellar magnetic field, rather like a beach ball distorted and flattened by bungee cords.
The rear of the boat fits into the angle, and bungee cords or ropes are used to hook the boat into place.
If the covers on your truck or trailer are secured by black elastic bungee cords, you can make your own replacements with NSN 4020-01-463-8181.
crisscrossed with clothesline or bungee cords. A few lie abashed in
I use appliance dollies and bungee cords to create all-in-one carts.