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an elasticized rope


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Villar sued EPIC, contending that the rolling staircase, tarp, and bungee cords, allegedly supplied by EPIC, were defective.
In addition to its strength, the fibres also show very high damping capacity, meaning that they can absorb large amounts of energy, similar to a bungee cord.
The bungee cords hold the brush on the blind," he said.
We're talking rubber bands, bungee cords, bookends and even those old paint chips you've squirreled away from your last do-it-yourself project.
The rear of the boat fits into the angle, and bungee cords or ropes are used to hook the boat into place.
The LDDMS uses bungee cords with snap buckles to secure your small scope to the bracket, and another longer bungee to secure both to a larger telescope tube.
If the covers on your truck or trailer are secured by black elastic bungee cords, you can make your own replacements with NSN 4020-01-463-8181.
I use appliance dollies and bungee cords to create all-in-one carts.
It operates for weeks on eight AA batteries and comes with adjustable bungee cords for mounting, a USBV cable, driver, and an instructional CD.
This system buckles tightly to our wheeled upright suitcase (adjustable from 22"-30"), and uses bungee cords to secure the car seat to our luggage.
HANGING upside down and suspended from the high roof by a set of bungee cords, the blood rushing to my head was the least of my worries.
It's a game where two players run as fast and as far as they can with bungee cords strapped to their backs.
On two aircraft, bungee cords that secured the CPAL netting for the upper equipment bay, aft of the seat, were sitting on the canopy rail.
Icelandic director Gisli Orn Gardarsson and his 10-member acting company Vesturport sinks Georg Buchner's Woyzeck into a giant water tank, with bungee cords, trapeze and a score from Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.
At least 82 youths, mostly boys with an average age of 13, have been killed wrapping dog leads, bungee cords or other ligatures around their necks to temporarily cut blood flow to their head.