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an elasticized rope


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Villar asserted that he was operating a tractor owned by DJW, which was connected to a trailer owned by EPIC; that after the trailer was filled with bulk waste and before leaving the facility, he attempted to cover the loaded trailer with a tarp secured by bungee cords as required by law; and that while attempting to cover the loaded trailer, he was standing on a rolling staircase at an elevation of approximately nine feet when one of the cords snapped and he fell backwards to the ground and was injured.
The fibres, which resemble miniature bungee cords as they can absorb large amounts of energy, are sustainable, non-toxic and can be made at room temperature.
Thanks to its bungee cord loop, ue rollWhere to buy 6250 was our most portable, convenient, on-the-go speaker in the family," said Ashok Jangra, Logitech, Cluster Category Head - India & SWA.
The object is to get as close to the end of the inflatable track as possible before the bungee cord snaps you back to the starting point.
Nothing, even the bungee cord of your deepest, tightest love could bring
More than 150 pupils from schools in Birmingham and Walsall were challenged to calculate the correct length of bungee cord needed to safely complete a leap.
Wooten and her then-husband Bill, complete with a VW bug that had a bungee cord holding down the hood, owned the Odyssey Coffee Shop at a location just south of what's now the Hilton.
The files say the astronaut's crewmates should bind his wrists and ankles with duct tape, tie him down with a bungee cord and inject him with tranquillisers, talking nicely to him all the time.
In the new pack, a bungee cord suspends the load from an external frame.
In West Virginia, the Charleston Gazette found that seven of the 14 elevators in three state office buildings were not working, and riding in the others was "scary" and "herky-jerky, like bouncing on a bungee cord.
Kids will also get a kick out of climbing through the bungee cord spider web after a visit to the Cockroach Kitchen.
To launch the UAV, operators use a bungee cord catapult.
The products have bungee cord closures on the comers to keep them shut and the contents secure even when the notebook or binder is dropped.
On that terrifying day, and in the days since, we've been bolted out of our collective comfort like the backlash of a bungee cord.
When he was 5)--a cardboard box attached to the chair with bungee cord is covered and decorated in felt.