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a onetime custom during courtship of unmarried couples occupying the same bed without undressing

the act of binding something into a bundle

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the act of shoving hastily

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The telecom sector has thus offered a rich experimental field for bundling strategies.
Agency officials, after researching their contracts, determined that the bundling data in FPDS were miscoded due to confusion about the statutory definition of contract bundling, inadequate verification of information, and ineffective controls in the FPDS reporting process.
Forest Gump's famous line, "Life is like a box of chocolates," leads to an analogy for bundling: Bundling is like making Tootsie Rolls.
Bush, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued a directive to federal agencies in October 2002, ordering them to reverse the bundling trend and to boost competition among small businesses.
There are no laws against bundling contributions - it's constitutionally protected - and no requirement to report bundling so the activity largely goes untracked by the city's Ethics Commission.
Bundling has been rekindled by a spark from a new moral code.
For example, Johnston and Zhang [1998] consider the problem of bundling with exogenous price ceilings.
Telecom bundling is the new reality of the market," he says.
The steps that ultimately led to bundling 401K services began in 1991, when we decided to invite competitive bids for the trusteeship of our 401K program.
In all fairness, any restriction on bundling, per se, should apply uniformly to all brokers.
2) Clearly, implementing a premium bundling strategy requires that the seller be able to prevent component purchasers from purchasing more than two of the two prices--an ability implicitly assumed absent in the Adams and Yellen analysis.
Moreover, broadband has emerged as the central hub of the bundling trend.
Symantec is the leading Windows-based backup application worldwide and bundling it with our tape drives and autoloaders enables us to offer a simple and complete solution that fits the budgets of our customers.
and SAN FRANCISCO -- AEC Software, a leading developer of project-focused and business productivity solutions, announced today at the 2007 Macworld Conference and Expo a month-long promotion bundling the company's renowned FastTrack Schedule([TM]) project management software with Mindjet([R]) MindManager([R]), a leading productivity application that provides a highly interactive, visual interface to improve team thinking, planning, and collaboration.