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a onetime custom during courtship of unmarried couples occupying the same bed without undressing

the act of binding something into a bundle

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the act of shoving hastily

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According to the magazine, bundling muffles price signals and obscures the management costs of institutional investments apparently dissipating investor wealth in the process.
2) Clearly, implementing a premium bundling strategy requires that the seller be able to prevent component purchasers from purchasing more than two of the two prices--an ability implicitly assumed absent in the Adams and Yellen analysis.
Hopefully, what I've learned about bundling from our experience at Park Region Telephone Co.
Contract bundling costs small businesses $13 billion in federal contracts in fiscal 2001 (the most recent data available), according to the Small Business Administration's Office of Advocacy.
The bonus is that everyone who participates in the bundling chain, from the coordinators to the smallest contributors, gets credit with politicians desperate for campaign funds.
Bundling has been rekindled by a spark from a new moral code.
Telecom bundling is the new reality of the market," he says.
They have also told us that bundling popular solutions would make their lives easier, so we have.
The steps that ultimately led to bundling 401K services began in 1991, when we decided to invite competitive bids for the trusteeship of our 401K program.
Service bundling is about more (and less) than triple play
Consequently, cable carriers (and a number of alternative telcos) have taken a strong lead in service bundling.
Recent In-Stat research, "The SMB/Branch Office Service Bundle Enhanced By IMS" (#IN0602855WWI), covers the market for small business and small branch office telecom services bundling.
In the US, in the Telecom Act environment which was marked by the reintegration of long distance services, the RBOCs have been able to handle the swift decline in their landline telephone base by adopting a proactive stance on bundling over the past three years.
These reports will provide in-depth analysis of WLAN adoption, benchmark WiFi-cellular bundling strategies and examine carrier case studies in all major markets globally.