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a onetime custom during courtship of unmarried couples occupying the same bed without undressing

the act of binding something into a bundle

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the act of shoving hastily

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WiseGuyReports.com adds "Bundling Stretch Wrap Market 2019 Global Analysis, Growth, Trends and Opportunities Research Report Forecasting to 2024" reports to its database
This article adds to the growing body of literature on how environmental cues can influence food selection by examining the impact that bundling has on consumers' evaluations of food choices by specifically focusing on how a bundle promotion impacts consumers' purchase intentions and the amount of calories ordered.
Bundling plans with a single provider can have expected and unexpected benefits, yet only 28% of plan sponsors that have both types of plans choose to bundle with the same provider (see "Bringing Them In," page 34).
We consider a model of four differentiated products in two complementary good markets in which a firm can improve profit only by bundling its product with a complementary product.
In the firearms world, bundling is the logical grouping of products and accessories that any gun owner will need.
But, says Kirk, while bundling is done primarily for employees, it also benefits sponsors who want to avoid dealing with multiple vendors.
BundleBaazi is not about single item purchases, it is about Bundling. Consequently, BundleBaazi.com's attractiveness becomes immediately apparent when the customer adds two or more items to their Bundle.
The program, which was mandated under the Affordable Care Act, offers a variety of options for bundling payments for a hospital stay, for postdischarge services, or for both the hospital stay and the postdischarge care.
"Bundling," under which a single payment is made for a group of services related to an episode of care, may promote closer integration of health care providers and hold them jointly responsible for the cost and quality of services.
John Deere currently manufactures the 1490D, which consists of a B380 biomass bundling unit mounted on a forwarder chassis (Figs.
In this study we adopted pure bundling, that is to say, only bundles consisting of one unit of each constituent product (Adams & Yellen, 1976), and we used three bundle pricing alternatives, or frames, representative of different perceptions of the same bundle offer (Yadav & Monroe, 1993).
The idea was to give a persona to FairPoint's product bundling service, which includes high-speed Internet, unlimited long-distance calling and DirecTV service for one fee.
"Bundling is our buzz word and, so far, the numbers indicate that our customers have responded to this approach," Dahlstrom said.
Although most, but not all, acknowledge that the discount attribution rule is insufficient by itself to distinguish anticompetitive bundling arrangements from procompetitive ones, there is not yet a strong consensus about what the additional elements should be.
Telecom incumbents, cable operators, mobile operators and internet providers are more and more induced to undertake bundling strategies (double, triple and quadruple play).