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unacceptable behavior (especially ludicrously false statements)

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Buncombe and Ordez are joined by Matt Parry aboard the No.
Buncombe County had 184 real buyers in the six months leading to this date one year ago with the average sale in 28804 being $363,384.
Drivers' standings (after three rounds): 1 Katsumasa Chiyo, Wolfgang Reip, Alex Buncombe (45 pts), 2 Guy Smith, Andy Meyrick, Steven Kane (44), 3 Jean-Karl Vernay, Robin Frijns, Laurens Vanthoor (43), 16 Ahmad al Harthy, Daniel Lloyd, Jonny Adam (1).
Congressman who represented a district in North Carolina that included Buncombe County, persisted in delivering an exceptionally wearisome speech to the 16th Congress, despite the objections of his impatient colleagues.
Fans of motorsport videos " on YouTube will need no introduction to the racing skills of Buncombe.
chris buncombe co-founder and director of Halcyon Events
All 8 ill persons ate or worked at the same restaurant in Buncombe County, North Carolina; 5 (63%) were food handlers.
The current team includes Julian Healey and Roger Buncombe, both Registered Fixed Charge Receviers who are currently advising many banks on distressed assets.
This fact sheet provides basic information about the status of women in the Asheville area (which includes Buncombe and Madison counties), focusing on women's earnings and workforce participation, level of education, poverty, access to child care, and health status.
Its founders Chris Buncombe and Richard Williams commented: "We see the acquisition of BSL as a consolidation of our Motorsport operations whilst at the same time expanding the group internationally and diversifying into other event fields.
A two-year-old North Carolina Superior Court case closed with the plaintiff, Georgia-based Mark Turner, apologizing to defendants Aaron Pohl-Zaretsky and fellow members of an Asheville group, North Buncombe Association of Concerned Citizens (NBACC), for pressing a libel suit in connection with activities opposing the permitting of a ready mixed plant operating as Blue Ridge Concrete.
A state House committee investigating a Buncombe County hazardous waste site has taken the rare and possibly unprecedented step of issuing subpoenas for federal environmental regulators based out of Atlanta.
If parents in Buncombe County want their children to have Bibles, there are plenty of ways to get them.
The program was sponsored by Buncombe County Public Libraries and the Thomas Wolfe Memorial, in conjunction with the YMI Cultural Center, the Friends of Mountain History, and Urban News (plus a grant from the North Carolina Humanities Council).
The company's final decision is contingent upon final approval of local government incentives by Johnston County and Buncombe County, it said.