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Prima Donna, Brass Hat, Five Star MacArthur, a play actor and a bunco man" who thought of himself as "something of a God." (43)
She also keeps busy playing Russian Bank and Bunco with her friends.
fear--the same gnostics, The same bunco, the old misery--but it is
You either play Bunco or dominoes or you go eat with somebody, or if you want to, go home and just read a good book."
We haven't been offered that on television since the days of The Bunco Booth, and of David Nixon, the children's favourite magic-making wizard.
It had filled him with relief to think of Trish clinking martini glasses with bookish friends or, even better, playing Bunco! with wives wearing their husbands' unit T-shirts.
While hot-button topics usually generate the most activity, most people actually use the site to plan social activities (golf, pool parties, play dates, card games, bunco, car pools, charity events & fund-raising, etc.), buy & sell (i.e.
It's up to the Bunco Babes to solve the mystery in this fine story!
Travel Business Review-26 February 2010-Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort to Host 2010 World Bunco Championship(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.enpublishing.co.uk
Organize bridge tournaments, Bunco, yoga or perhaps training sessions for avid walkers or swimmers.
like the poof of hair on nursing home women, bunco dice,
Gail Oust's WHACK N ROLL (9780451227690, $6.99) tells of an active hen group of bunco players who come across a dismembered arm during a golf game and decide to roll out their own investigation as a team.
There is only one bank for Noronha's 3,000 permanent residents--a branch of Bunco Real, complete with an ATM.
(113.) Gilbertson, 597 F.2d at 1165 (citing Bunco Nacional de Cuba v.