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Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort, a US-based resort in Northwest Florida Gulf Coast in Destin, Florida (the resort), has announced hosting the 5th Annual World Bunco Championship by The World Bunco Association) (WBA).
NBC ta1 = banc NBC ta2 = bacon, bench, bronc, bunco, cabin NBC-TV ta4 = vantbrace NBC-TV ta5 = incubative TV SPECIAL ta2 = copulatives, speculative LAS VEGAS tp = salvages LAS VEGAS ta1 = aasvogels, salvagees, salvagers, vassalage
There's been an ongoing bunco game played over Bosnia.
Known as con artists, scam artists, swindlers, shysters, grifters, bunco artists, or fraudsters, these criminals perpetrate a significant portion of the large-scale and sophisticated fraud schemes that victimize individuals, banks, businesses, and government agencies.
QUITO -- Ecuador's state banks, Filanbanco and Bunco del Pacifico, ended 2000 with losses of $150.
Bunco and Bunkum Exposed - How to Protect Yourself (1989), Beyond Beyond Beyond - The Morrow of Life (1990), and Accounting and Taxes for Magicians (1995).
He told of a bunco squad investigating false advertisements and of ballroom lessons being given in private.
Many of the "non-comparable swindles" in Table 1 are in-person bunco scams (as compared to the currently more popular telephone and mail swindles), such as the Pigeon Drop, the Jamaican Switch, the Fortune Teller, the Bank Examiner, and some lottery swindles.
The first shot slowly pans over fresh-faced production assistants blithely hustling investors and creditors with phone solicitations worthy of seasoned bunco artists.
At first Kelly thought they might just be dealing with a local bunco artist; soon he realized the Quadro deal was big, bad, and nationwide.
When, in 1896, gold was found in the Yukon to the north, Skagway's natural harbor made it a jumping-off place for gold seekers, gold diggers, saloonkeepers, and bunco artists.
Among them will be a team of family members celebrating a personal triumph over cancer, a team of siblings paying tribute to their mother, a team called Wonder Women supporting a friend currently fighting cancer, and even a team united by a cancer surgeon and a love of bunco.
There has never in the history of baseball been so blatant an attempt to bunco the public as the career of this season's local team has put in evidence.
But one Friday night a month, these mothers pack a bottle of wine and a $5 bill, drive past the neighborhood pool and cul-de-sacs of an Alexandria subdivision, and let themselves into a friend's house for bunco night.
While no official statistics are kept on them, the city's bingo and bunco players likely outnumber wild animal feeders.