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You either play Bunco or dominoes or you go eat with somebody, or if you want to, go home and just read a good book.
We haven't been offered that on television since the days of The Bunco Booth, and of David Nixon, the children's favourite magic-making wizard.
While hot-button topics usually generate the most activity, most people actually use the site to plan social activities (golf, pool parties, play dates, card games, bunco, car pools, charity events & fund-raising, etc.
It's up to the Bunco Babes to solve the mystery in this fine story
Travel Business Review-26 February 2010-Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort to Host 2010 World Bunco Championship(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
Organize bridge tournaments, Bunco, yoga or perhaps training sessions for avid walkers or swimmers.
like the poof of hair on nursing home women, bunco dice,
99) tells of an active hen group of bunco players who come across a dismembered arm during a golf game and decide to roll out their own investigation as a team.
There is only one bank for Noronha's 3,000 permanent residents--a branch of Bunco Real, complete with an ATM.
Since PADF and Bunco Agricola began their partnership in 2003, the program has completed dozens of projects benefiting more than 20,000 schoolchildren in nearly 50 communities in E1 Salvador.
The three red dice she taught me to play bunco with.
The club has bunco parties, creative writing sessions and a reading club called the "Racy Readers.
pejorative, 12 words: bunco funk lunk bunk junk punk drunk skunk spunk flunk clunk thunk
The Court stated, "We agree with Bunco Popular that in neither Jugan nor Karo was there a 'misrepresentation,' as that term is commonly understood in the context of fraud, but we had no hesitancy in permitting plaintiffs' claims to proceed in each case.
Specially after I poked around and learned the Madame's qualifications for horoscope-readings consist of 19 convictions for fraud, bunco scams, and operating illegal "games of chance" in Atlantic City.