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occurring close together in bunches or clusters

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'Unlike the Bunchy Top disease, effective research and pest prevention and removal for Panama disease can't be noticed,' he said.Prof.
El material vegetal a seleccionar para su propagacion in vitro debe proceder de plantas con crecimiento vigoroso y en floracion (siempre que sea posible con la inflorescencia masculina presente para descartar la posible presencia de enfermedades virales tales como el Bunchy Top (BBTV) y el virus del mosaico de la bractea (BBrMV), para garantizar su identidad varietal, ademas de estar libres de plagas y patogenos (VUYLSTEKE, 1989; ISRAELI et al., 1995; SINGH et al., 2011).
The poetry of Alprentice "Bunchy" Carter and Ericka Huggins was often featured in The Black Panther.
In KOA group, joint cartilage demonstrated rough and irregular surface, yellow with loss of normal luster and elasticity and had distinct bunchy fiber changes, fracturing, eroded changes, softening and coloboma.
Infested shoot tips had a bushy form leading to an appearance similar to "bunchy top," as described by Kairo et al.
Former Black Panther leader Elaine Brown recites "Black Mother," a poem by fallen Panther Bunchy Carter.
Density/ Tensile Elastic Type (kg/[m.sup.3]) strength/MPa modulus /GPa Bunchy 2650 [greater than or 90-110 monofilament equal to] 2000 Acid-base Melting point/ Elongation Type resistance property [degrees]C at break/% Bunchy [greater than or 1250 3.5 monofilament equal to] 99% Table 4: The ratio of test materials.
Banana production is also hampered by various crop viruses like bunchy top virus, diseases and pest attacks besides nutrition deficiencies.
Spread of banana bunchy top and other plant virus diseases in time and space.
Once crystal nucleus is formed in the polymer melt, the macromolecule chains are able to arrange orderly with crystal nucleus at the core and expand outward gradually and branch continuously to form bunchy sphaerocrystal morphology.
If you are using a stiffer fabric, or embroidering on a pocket it is not necessary to use an embroidery hoop, but if your shirt isn't as firm or doesn't have a pocket, it is fully recommended to use a hoop as it is helpful to making sure stitches lay flat and aren't bunchy. In this article we, however, stick to the bare minimum of materials and the most basics in designs.
Dash Mihok has more than 70 acting credits, notably as the damaged brother Bunchy on Showtime's "Ray Donovan." He appears alongside Kate Bosworth, Jacob Tremblay, Thomas Jane, and Annabeth Gish in the new supernatural thriller "Before I Wake" and adds another facet to his career with an upcoming hip-hip album.
* Pin out areas where the fabric is bunchy; follow the HBLs if they are convenient to the excess fabric.
The complete breakdown of cohesive black political organization occurred when USO members shot and killed BPP leaders Bunchy Carter and John Huggins on the University of California Los Angeles campus in 1969.
Characters who at one moment are bewailing the indifferent behaviour of their girls (sporting beehive hairdos, bunchy kneelength skirts and in-your-face attitudes) appear suddenly as musicians and singers in the band.