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any of various grasses of many genera that grow in tufts or clumps rather than forming a sod or mat


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There is only one other confirmed location where the rare bunchgrass dwells: a protected area, Maderas del Carmen, in Mexico, about 20 miles east of Big Bend.
The reproductive response of an endemic bunchgrass indicates historical timing of a keystone process.
Anderson, "Competitive ability of the bunchgrass Schizachyrium scoparium as affected by grazing history and defoliation," Vegetatio, vol.
Grass mortality rates are unavailable for any of the three grass species; however, Busso and Richards (1995) found that a perennial bunchgrass, Pseudoroegneria spicata (Pursh) A.
just crickets in dry patches of bunchgrass, or just one cricket,
Today the laboratory in Georgia is testing the genetic identity of seeds from species that include bunchgrass and wiregrass as well as longleaf pines themselves.
These include both herbaceous-dominated plant communities--a "dry" bunchgrass savanna, a seasonally flooded bunchgrass community, a palm swamp whose understory is dominated by grasses and sedges, a floodplain community similar to those previously described but with a greater abundance of grasses, a river bank community--shrub communities, a community arising from termite mounds, and a tall gallery forest (Haase & Beck, 1989).
See them scramble as shale slides under them and they have to grab handfuls of bunchgrass to pull themselves along!
For example, by removing several stems from a large bunchgrass or shrub, it is easier to dry and mount a specimen.
Exotic grasses and invasive woody plants can quickly overrun the historically bunchgrass dominated prairies and appear to outcompete many native grassland plants (Wilson and Clark 2001).
1975), where the values for the control and amended treatments (0.02 and 0.08) are similar to those published for a bunchgrass pasture in poor condition (0.05; USDA Agricultural Research Service 1975 in Serrano 1997).
Annual ryegrass or Italian ryegrass is a cool-season bunchgrass with an extensive fibrous root system, useful in areas with excess water or nitrogen and better on finer-textured silt or clay soils than perennial ryegrass.
They also constructed 16 aviaries and planted more than 5,000 native bunchgrass (Eragrostis variabilis) plants to provide cover and nesting habitat for the ducks.
Perched in the pine tree was a bird I hadn't seen since I was a juvenile delinquent harassing the wild citizens of the bunchgrass hills in the Rocky Mountain Trench.