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form into a bunch

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Then they put vials of the yellow-colored mixture in direct sunlight and crossed their fingers in the hope that it would turn purple.Here's the reason why: If it turned purple, that would signal that the gold atoms had received electrons and used the donated energy to bunch together as small, purple-colored nanoparticles.
"This is the strongest squad Cardiff City have had in many a year I want to keep this bunch together."
The Preview collections promise the usual abundance of florals and polka dots but it's the free-for-all graphic explosion that's grabbing our attention, with no one trend to bunch together to create what we could effectively call the new trend.
The company first carried out tests on a circular multihead weigher, which were promising in terms of improved speeds, but as Site Director Philippe Blanc explains: "This type of weigher was not suitable in terms of product changeovers and did not cope too well with the tendency of the products to bunch together."
The most prominent features--sunspots--arise when magnetic-field lines bunch together as they loop through the solar surface.
My name is Harriet Tubman." As students made their way to freedom, hounded by the sounds of barking dogs, the guides urged them to stay quiet, bunch together and crouch low.
The team found that among halos with the same mass, those that formed earlier in the history of the universe bunch together more tightly than those formed later do.
Professor Garel Rhys of Cardiff University said the monitoring device at the western end of the 50mph section through Port Talbot was causing vehicles to bunch together dangerously as drivers braked to avoid speeding tickets.
Hebe Emerald Green is a cute little domed plant with tiny green leaves that tightly bunch together. With some trailing variegated ivy at the front and a few bulbs or bright bedding to add some instant height and colour when needed you will have a window box that should make you rush to wash the windows to get a better look.
We have a young bunch together and there is an exuberance about their performances.
When they find a school, they circle it, making the fish bunch together. Next, the sailfish charge through the school, slashing with their sword-like snouts.
One scientist has observed flocks of starlings bunch together in the air when attacked by a falcon.
When growth is abnormally excessive, Schwann cells bunch together, pressing against the hearing and balance nerves, often causing gradual hearing loss, tinnitus or ringing in the ears, and dizziness.
All other currencies tended to bunch together at the bottom of the bands against the lira and the peseta, and several currencies reached their bilateral limits at times.
That loss could have broken weaker teams, but coach Dan Quinn kept this bunch together and now theyre the only group in the six-team NFC field that also made the playoffs last season.